Hubby is HAWT!

So for Chuck's 38th birthday I got him what he's always wanted. A tattoo. I *kinda* suprised him with it in the fact that he didn't know he was going to get it until that day. He was a little apprehensive because quite frankly, Chuck does NOT like pain. AT ALL. So we went out and had a wonderful dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market and discussed exactly what he wanted. And went to the tattoo shop and got it!
This isn't exactly what he wanted. The one he REALLY wanted would have had to be huge in order to get the detail. And this was the perfect size for my baby...so he decided on this one. And no, my hubby is not a hairy amazon man. That is indeed tattoo ink.

All I have to say is it's freaking HAWT. I love it. Totally does it for me.
Then yesterday he went and had BLONDE highlights put in his super dark brown hair. It looks SO good. He's my little surfer/collegy boy :) He's going to be one very lucky man tomorrow night!

ETA: People have asked if it was painful. Chuck said the most painful part was the outline but after about 5 minutes that wasn't even bad because the endorphins kicked in and he relaxed and was chatting music with the tat artist. He said the filling in of the lines wasn't bad at all. So I figure if he can do it, then I totally can! :)


Angella said...

Brave man - I hear that tattoos really hurt!

-Lo said...

HELL YEAH!!!! It looks great! Us women can do anything! I cant wait to see yours!
Happy Birthday to your Hawt hubby!

Hannah said...

GET ONE LISA!!! It doesn't hurt much at all. It is NOTHING compared to childbirth. LOL :-)

Lisa said...

Next year for my thirtieth birthday I'm totally getting one. I've got it picked out and everything...and told Chuck he's getting it for me for my birthday! :)

-Lo said...

Im trying to get up the gumption as well...I want one on my foot. Where do you want yours?

Lisa said...

I'm going to get it on my lower back. It's going to be a large sun with a celtic knot in the middle meaning "a mother's love" hence a mother's love for her sons.

nzmommy said...

Wow! Definitely look forward to seeing yours, Lisa! I was different to your hubby. I thought the filling in sucked, I think Hannah did to. I could take the outline, no biggy. But it seems he got his on a 'good' part lol. Mine was on my foot and I think I would like another one on the other. I still want about 3 more lol.


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