Thank you, Bill.

(Disclaimer: I’m going to get serious for a moment. I’ve been meaning to post about breastfeeding for some time…just my own experience with it this time around. But now after seeing the “comedic” verbal vomit from Mr. Maher, I HAVE to say something about it.)

Thank you Mr. Maher for proving to me once again that there is still such ignorant people in this world. Oh, and did I mention chauvinistic and misogynistic? As soon as I think that maybe the United States has turned a corner because some stranger at the grocery store did a random act of kindness, Bill Maher spouts off his anti-woman, anti-mother rhetoric and brings my opinion of the human race (and the loons out there) crashing back down again. (Oh, and the whole Jena thing down in Georgia doesn’t help my confidence in people right now either).

I’m referring to his very antiquated, sexist and demeaning stance on NIP (nursing in public). I normally don’t do this but here is the YouTube clip…his rhetoric on NIP and how disgusting it is starts at 2:51.


First off, not only am I completely offended as a breastfeeder but also as a mother. To have the audacity to imply that I, as a mother, would only go out in public, and *gasp* NIP, is to have the "spotlight" on me and get accolades for having a child is completely and udderly assinine. I get out of the house so I don't go stir crazy. I get out of the house and socialize with my family and friends so that I don't end up like any number of the several severe abuse cases that are cropping up more and more often all over the nation. I do NOT go out of the house so that people can swoon at my feet about how wonderful it is that I'm a mother. To refer to women as nothing better than dogs: Wow. What can you say about someone who is so extraordinarly hateful and demeaning to woman? It's clear in his tone of voice and body gesturing that he clearly has the lowest respect for woman...who amazingly enough make up the largest section of the left wing political group. He just lost a lot of followers there I'm sure (not that I ever was one).

But to go on and say, in essence, we need to suck it up and move on. Women in China are back to work within HOURS of giving birth. This is true. It's also true that their whole family lives together and the baby is cared for by family...not strangers at daycare. Oh, and guess what? China breastfeeding rates are higher than ours. At 6-9 months, approximately 20% of mothers are still breastfeeding their children in United States. In China? 32% of mothers are still breastfeeding. The United States has no data that I could find with regards to breastfeeding PAST that point either, but comparitively in China 15% of mothers are still breastfeeing well into 20-23 months. That's 2 year olds people. So while it MAY be true that they just "go back to work" they apparently take their children with them on the tit. Oh the horror...they must NIP too!

The insinuation that this is a petty and parochial thing to be lobbying for, again, is not only insulting, but ignorant. We have such problems with obesity in todays' society that the federal and certain local governments are trying to make laws as to what fast food companies can and cannot serve. And yet, he points out that it's petty to be activists for something as trivial as breastfeeding, which, Oh my God actually lowers the risk of childhood obesity. Hmmm. This is natural food from a mothers body that is perfectly balanced for that particular child is a BAD thing because it makes him uncomfortable while he's eating.

Now I haven't even slightly touched on the sexist veiwpoint that the women's breasts are OK to be seen while he's eating as long as it's in a sexual way. This has nothing to do with the fact he's against public displays of skin. This has to do with the fact he can't get over his own insecurities about his manliness that he has to degrade women constantly by thinking of them and visulaizing them as sexual creatures. I don't even think I can say humans because he sees mothers as dogs remember? NIP wouldn't be an issue except for people like him who see the breasts as sex instead of a way to feed our children. Which is honestly what they were put there for in the first place. Now, I understand that masturbating is natural as well; however, the purpose is simply for pleasure. Nursing is for sustinance. Sustanance of our race. I do understand that formula is out there and that we *could* use that but why? When our own milk is MADE FOR MY CHILD? I am not lazy, nor ill-prepared when I NIP. I pump regularly while I work (nights I might add, so that my husband and I raise our children ourselves) and cannot get enough for a bottle for my darling daughter out of three times pumping at work. So pumping and giving a bottle of breastmilk? Not exactly working for most of the breastfeeding mothers out there. And that's IF they can get a child to take a bottle.

So my question is this...we know that breastfeeding is best. And if he denies that he is more ill-informed that I originally thought. So should women be relegated to the house for the better part of 6-9 months (because remember most women stop bfing in America after 6 mos)? And with that relegation-the increase of depression among these mothers from the seperation from adult interaction and shame for what they are doing for the best of their child? Which could lead to the increase in child abuse cases which are so much on the rise already? I understand that may be stretching it, but have you ever been in a house for days on end with 3 kids-one of them attached to the boob? I have. It's enough to make a sane person crazy.

But then again, I guess Mr. Maher has never had the opportunity to be a mother to 3 children. Nor can anybody call him sane.


Holy Cow!

I *finally* had a post that brought MLA out of lurking status long enough to post.

Now granted it was only the pics of my daughter that did it, but woohoo!

Go back to your lives as I relish my small victory :)


3 month pictures (well, a month late!)

I spent way too much money. I normally only get the "advertised package" but I couldn't resist some of these! They took 61 pictures and I have them all on a CD. These are just 3 of my favorites. I had a hard time getting down to just 3 :) I can't wait to have Christmas pics done of all three kids.
That last pic of her is in her baptismal gown, that was also my baptismal gown. It was so funny the photographer said "Wow! I love her dress...it just looks so vintage!" I laughed and told him it IS vintage...it's 30 years old now :)


Dear Elizabeth~

Today is not only the anniversary of September 11 and the terrorist attacks on US soil, but also your 4 month birthday. It's a day that I personally thank the Lord that I have you, and your brothers, after so many people lost their lives. And I thank God for all that we have as a family.

Why do I thank God for you? You are a special little girl. Your smiles (and there are plenty of them) warm my heart. Your giggles (and there are quite a few of those too) make me laugh in delight. I relish our one on one talks already and you can't even talk properly yet; I can't wait to have those one on one talks with you like I do with my mother. And yet I will wait. Because I don't want to see you grow up too fast- I don't want to wish my time away with you as a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, a school-ager.

I see you every day and I get so much joy out of all the things that you do. Well, almost. I'm not too fond of the screaming bloody murder until your face is beet red and your eyes and veins are popping out of your head because you are hungry; nor am I liking your nasty poops, but I guess the bads come with the goods.

This last 2 months you have changed from an infant into a little person. You have your own personality, your own style and it's so fun to watch all that develop. You have already been rolling over for a good 2 months now and no one would believe me when I pronounced that you were doing that already...until they saw it with their own eyes. I know it won't be too much longer and you'll be crawling, pulling up and then walking. And then I think we'll need to watch out!

I think that by seeing you day in and day out, I don't see exactly how much you have grown and changed. After stopping by and seeing Maizie today at 3 weeks old and knowing you were born close to that size, I can see what a little girl you have become. You look like a little person compared to your birth pictures and especially side by side with Maizie. It makes me sad to think that some of that is passing me right by without noticing...so I guess I'll work on noticing a bit more.

The dr. yesterday was not concerned at all with your petite features. At 26 inches and 11 lbs, 7 oz you are one petitite little girl. 80th percentile for height but only 10% for weight...at least you are still on the same growth curve so no one is worried.

A friend told me that my prayers were answered...I wanted my daughter to be beautiful, well-proportioned and not have the "chubby" factor and have to deal with that as a woman. For that I am thankful and I pray that it stays that way.

I love you E. And I'm excited to see all that there is in store for us over the next day, weeks, months and years.


Wow...so much to say.

I don't even know where to begin. I have a billion thoughts running around in my head that I need to get out.

This post is going to be so incoherent...of that I'm sure.

>>My best friend's grandfather died. He was a wonderful man. I saw more of him and Grandma than I did my own grandparents during college. I remember every Wednesday night during college he and Grandma would come up and take Sandy and I out to dinner. Grandma would pick on Grandpa and Grandpa would try to sell us on his newest vitamin regimine. He was such a health nut...at one count he was taking 23 supplements. He walked every day and was just so active and....alive. He had a massive heart attack and died Monday night. I went to the funeral yesterday and spent the evening with my friend and her family. Chuck went with me in support of me and San. It was such a nice gesture. I love him for his thoughtfulness sometimes.

>>While at the funeral I ran into an old classmates mother. Wow. That was an experience. Why? It's not like I was really good friends with the classmater nor the mom for that matter. But as we are sitting there this mother is bad mouthing her daughter and about how much weight she's gained and how she's let herself go. I decide to politely change the conversation (stupid me for involving myself in the conversation...she would have passed me right over had I not opened my mouth!). I asked where this classmate worked now. Sandy informs Mrs. Bigfatmouth that we were all in school together and this is Lisa. I explain that I used to be Lisa Soandso and she looks at me and her mouth drops open. The next words out of her mouth, rendered me completely 100% speechless.

"Wow! You've really packed on the weight haven't you?"

Gee. Thanks. Like I didn't know that. All I could respond at the time was "Well, I guess 3 kids will do that to you". She then goes on to explain how I should join Weight Watchers (at this point Chuck is hearing her too) and questions if Elizabeth was a preemie because she's on the smaller side. When I explain no, she was 8 1/2 lbs at birth she said something to the effect of

"well, at least she's going to be petite" (not said? UNLIKE YOU.) Yea, Chuck said he heard those unsaid words too...it wasn't just me being oversensitive.

Nice. Now, I know I'm overweight. I know I need to lose some pounds. But honestly I'm actually comfortable with who I am now. I used to cry all the time about how I looked and my weight and how I couldn't wear any clothes and I don't do that anymore. It's not that I don't care, I just feel more comfortable being me. Now, my self-esteem is a little shattered again. Especially after last week when a co-worker explained that she had a wonderful diet that she really felt like I should try. *sigh* Let's see if we can go for a trifecta, people.

>>Work sucks. I hate it. I hate the people I work with. I hate that they question my work ethic. I hate that they give me their work to do and then question if I'm doing it correctly. DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF!

>>Zachary is the sweetest kid ever. No, really. He started soccer on Wednesday night and I had to go to work. It was only a practice and I'm going to mix practices, there is no way around it. So...he looks crushed that I won't be there. Tells me that he won't spend anymore money. He doesn't need money and that way I can stay home and not work. While I make money he has in his piggy bank and he'll give it all to me so I can stay at home with him and his brother and sister. I cried on the way to work.

Then today, Lucas RAN out to meet his brother off the bus. Zachary came running off the bus and as it was pulling away he gave Lucas a big hug and said "Did you miss me? I missed you!" Having a few hours apart is good for them. And it's good for me. I got some things picked up and cleaned this morning and was able to sit and play games with them this afternoon. I didn't feel so stressed about trying to do it all while they were there and neglecting them. My goal is to get all the "work" done in the morning so I can enjoy my kids in the afternoon. Oh...and it's kinda nice just having E at home. She's such a smiler and is starting to giggle and it's cute :)

>>I wanted to go out with my hubby this weekend but our babysitter is going to a volleyball tournament. Good for her, sad for me. I needed some away time. Maybe I'll go to the grocery store by myself. Hoo-rah.


School Daze!

Okay, I did it. I sent my oldest baby off to school. I cried. Not sobbed...but I've teared up several times this morning. I feel a little lost, if truth be told. Because not only did I send Zachary to kindergarden this morning, I also sent Luke off to preschool for 5 days a week. All I have is Elizabeth...and she sleeps during this time. What the heck do I do? Well, today I sit on the internet and looking at pictures of my boys wondering where the heck time went to. It really seems like just yesterday that I had each of them...and here they are, going off to their respective schools. Not needing me anymore. Probably not wanting me anymore. Perfectly happy to be hanging with friends. No, I know they still want me. Forgive me for being a little melodramatic at a time like this. (Oh, yea, it doesn't help that I started my damn period for the first time in a year!) But honestly, the last 3 years of my life has been defined by my kids. I know that's really sad, but it's mostly true. I lived my mornings anyway, but the boys. It seems empty around here now. Empty and quiet. It's just weird.

Luke was a little apprehensive. He's been going to this preschool for about 4 months now, but only 2 days a week and always with his brother. When I dropped him off, Luke asked "Isn't brother coming in too?" It'll be interesting to see how his personality develops at school without the influences of his big brother.
Zachary was really nervous. He told us so! When we walked into the school and there was all those kids and teachers, and parents everywhere, I thought he might cry. Then his room was empty...his face literally fell! One issue I'm having (just one...I'm having many) with the school/teacher is that they just ASSUME you know what the heck is going on. Apparently, they go to the cafeteria before the bell rings...so that's where we should have dropped him off. Would have been nice to know that!
Maybe I'll get some blog time in in the mornings now that everyone is in school. Or maybe I'll get some sleep :)

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