The Gods are out to get me....

Last night, couldn't log into AFEL free agency board.

Tonight, the Mt. Dew was depleted from the vending machine. Not only that, but the vending machine then spit money out at me AND ate 15 cents of mine. So I tried another machine, but didn't have enough money on me. So, when I called and ordered my dinner (yes, I ate out Chuck...wait. I didn't eat OUT Chuck, my punctuation was wrong in that) I told them to bring me a Mt. Dew too. Kill two birds with one stone. BUT they forgot my freaking Mt. Dew.

I'm NOT a woman to be reckoned with today.

I'm horny. Irritated with the school and my OHR. And WITHOUT Mt. Dew.

Other random thoughts:

Chuck and I might be starting a conglomerate blog of “Our experiences with the P-ville School District”. Seriously, we’re so beyond frustrated that sometimes we’ve had to laugh at how incredibly ignorant these people are.

We watched part of “Kite Runner” Sunday night, it was a good movie. Unfortunately, we were both whipped after a whole day of cleaning out/rearranging the garage from hell.

I’m making the kids Halloween costumes this year. They are turning out cute…problem is I’m not sure when I’m going to get the time to sew up Luke’s jedi robe. It’s the biggest part of his costume so I’ve gotta make sure its done by Friday (we go trick-or-treating at a campground). I still need to find a dashiki for Zachary's Zomo costume too.

Chuck and I are listening to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels. Holy hell, Ranger makes me quiver when he says “Baaabe” Mmmm. He might be on my celebrity list. You know the list of men that you’d have sex with, with your husband’s blessing, if they threw themselves at you. Too bad he’s fictional because *whoo* seriously. Who’s on your top celebrity list?


It's the little things....

Sometimes amidst life it’s hard to step back and see the impact that you are making on your children. Hard to see the positive influence when dealing with temper tantrums, mouthing back, and attitude.

In the last 3 days though, each of my children have given me reason to reflect on the good things we are imparting on our children and shows me that we are doing right by them.

Two days ago, Zachary had a new classmate join his class. He sat with him at lunch and made him feel welcome because “he doesn’t know anyone else and that would be mean for him to sit alone.” When talking about his day, he told me that tomorrow he wanted to buy two ice creams. I told him that he didn’t need to eat two ice creams for lunch and he informed me that he in fact wanted to buy two not for himself, but one for him and one for his new friend. I teared up and told him how incredibly proud I was of him for thinking of others and being so welcoming.

This morning, I watched my friends little girl while she took the boys to school and stayed to help in the classroom. Gracee at one point got a little teary-eyed over missing her momma. She was standing there, crying big crocodile tears, when Elizabeth went over to her with a washcloth from the laundry and started wiping her face and patting her shoulder. Every time Gracee would whimper, Elizabeth would wipe her eyes for her again. It was so amazingly sweet and showed the enormous amount of empathy that a 16 month old can hold.

Then Lucas got home from school and informed me that tomorrow he’d like to take some food to school. I looked at him quizzically and asked why? He informed me that he wanted to take some boxed food into church to put into the basket because there are people in our world who cannot afford food and need something to eat. So, he’d like to help them and take macaroni and cheese and a bag of peas for them. And more if he can. My heart honestly swelled with emotion for what an amazing child to want to give so generously for people he’s never met and for the right reasons.

So, I’m thankful that we are teaching them such valuable morals and ethics and more so that they are already living it.


So, um, wow.

Lots of changed since I last logged into blogger to actually blog. There's some new buttons and stuff on the dashboard...at least it looks different to me. But it has been a while.

Life has been chaotic to say the least. I'm feeling stressed at this moment as I type. Maybe that's the reason I decided I needed to sit down and get it out. I'm at work, on my break, wishing I was at home helping Chuck get the kids in the tub and then into beds. Reading their bedtime story to them. Making life easier on the kids as they wouldn't have just one stressed to the max parent all the time, making life easier on Chuck as we could tag team if we start to lose our patience, and ultimately easier on myself.

One more year. That's what I keep trying to remind myself. I don't know if I'll make it. One more year until Luke is in kindergarden and we would only have one child in daycare. One more year until I can attempt to go to days and see Zachary for more than just 25 minutes a day. This is not to mean that I wish for them to grow up. If we could skip ahead one year and not miss anything but keep them the same age....that'd be nice.

School has started for both boys. Lucas is in young 5's at St. Mary Catholic Church. Zachary has started 1st grade at public school. We debated hard putting Zachary into the private school as well (Lucas has to, it's the only way he could go to young 5's every day of the week since he actually falls past the age 5 cut off) but we ultimately decided to work it out at the public schools again this year with the hopes that we could see some positive change in the bureacracy with the new teacher. I've been told before that I'm too naive and this time proves to be no different. So, I'm taking on the district. I spent at least 15 hours on the phone last week speaking to the ISD, child advocate groups, the school principal, and the social worker. Oh, and not to mention calling the Dr.s office and requesting that he complete a report stating in writing what he suggested at our last appointment that Zachary would benefit greatly and truly needs a parapro. I'm happy to say that he did; I guess even a person that you can't stand is helpful in some way.

In completing the report, we also found out that Zachary has been diagnosed as ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) as well as ADHD. After our IEP meeting on Monday, the special education director suggested that we may want to have Zachary tested for Aspbergers. She feels that he meets many of the criteria needed to be classified as such. I've always felt that Aspbergers is a concern, as has other Special Ed. Teachers, however, the drs have said that since there is nothing you can take to cure it, why diagnose it?? Just treat the symptoms. So we have been and now we are dealing with the bureaucracy that is known as the school district and coming up into walls. Well, walls built by the teacher anyways. I swear if I hear one more time that won't be feasible in my classroom, I'm going to scream.

All that being said, I?m cautiously optimistic that the Special Ed staff is coming on board with us. And once everything is in his IEP, the school and teacher must comply. Zachary had a good day at school today and yesterday made friends with a new kid. Today he sat with his old friend though because it wouldn't be fair to only play with my new friend." What was left unsaid?? Duh!

Lucas has had some issues of his own and we've switched his school. He seems to do well at his new school and his best friend is there, so it?s helpful that he knows someone. Over the summer (after we pulled him from his previous preschool) he had stopped sleeping in our bed all together. As school approached I kept finding him in my bed when I woke up in the morning. Last night, he was in his bed all night long. So, I'm thinking that he's starting to get adjusted. He's such a great kid.

Elizabeth is my sweet baby girl. Her laugh and smile is contagious and she's learned how to hug and kiss and seems to know when I need those things. I love watching her walk around with her baby doll (OMG, how did I end up with a girly girl?) and giving it to me making smacking sounds indicating that I should give the baby a kiss too. It's too cute. I'm enjoying my morning alone time with her and getting to know her again as an individual, just like I'm enjoying my free afternoon time with Lucas (while E is sleeping). Today he and I read a book or two while sitting on the couch cuddling. It was really nice. I think he only did it though because he?s grounded from all toys. ;)

Some little tidbits and pieces.

I chopped my hair off again today. I told them not to cut it to ?this? point?which is exactly where it ended up. But it's cute. Just hard for me to adjust to hair that doesn?t even come to my chin.

My fantasy Aussie football league is starting another season. My husband keeps trying to talk me into trading my best players to him because then it?d be like we're both winning Crystal division. Riiiight.

Stupid people piss me off. I hate hearing all the Obama rhetoric without them knowing the full story of anything. Well, and that goes either way I guess. I just work for the government and therefore a bunch of Obama-loving liberals. *sigh* Anyway you slice it, people will take one shread of truth and twist it to make it work to their own thinking and then phooey on the rest of the actual facts. Gah. Good reason for me to keep my mouth shut around certain people.

My friend Staci is wonderful. That's all. She helps me so much with everything and I greatly appreciate having a good friend so close to me.

Chuck and I are applying for new jobs. In a new city. Yea, we'll see how that progresses.

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