It's the little things....

Sometimes amidst life it’s hard to step back and see the impact that you are making on your children. Hard to see the positive influence when dealing with temper tantrums, mouthing back, and attitude.

In the last 3 days though, each of my children have given me reason to reflect on the good things we are imparting on our children and shows me that we are doing right by them.

Two days ago, Zachary had a new classmate join his class. He sat with him at lunch and made him feel welcome because “he doesn’t know anyone else and that would be mean for him to sit alone.” When talking about his day, he told me that tomorrow he wanted to buy two ice creams. I told him that he didn’t need to eat two ice creams for lunch and he informed me that he in fact wanted to buy two not for himself, but one for him and one for his new friend. I teared up and told him how incredibly proud I was of him for thinking of others and being so welcoming.

This morning, I watched my friends little girl while she took the boys to school and stayed to help in the classroom. Gracee at one point got a little teary-eyed over missing her momma. She was standing there, crying big crocodile tears, when Elizabeth went over to her with a washcloth from the laundry and started wiping her face and patting her shoulder. Every time Gracee would whimper, Elizabeth would wipe her eyes for her again. It was so amazingly sweet and showed the enormous amount of empathy that a 16 month old can hold.

Then Lucas got home from school and informed me that tomorrow he’d like to take some food to school. I looked at him quizzically and asked why? He informed me that he wanted to take some boxed food into church to put into the basket because there are people in our world who cannot afford food and need something to eat. So, he’d like to help them and take macaroni and cheese and a bag of peas for them. And more if he can. My heart honestly swelled with emotion for what an amazing child to want to give so generously for people he’s never met and for the right reasons.

So, I’m thankful that we are teaching them such valuable morals and ethics and more so that they are already living it.


Anonymous said...

How sweet, Lisa. Nearly made me cry. Such lovely sentiment your kids are learning. And wonderful life lessons too. I know how much my girls look out for each other but I probably don't pay much attention to their care and concern for someone else. I know they do but I also know with the older one she is a bit worried about people not liking her or her friend being mean to her. That seems to be the thing that is most discussed. You have some gorgeous kiddos there ;)

Hannah said...

Awww, how sweet!! That is so gorgeous, Lisa. Your kids are just the sweetest things, and it shows that you are raising them to be loving & caring individuals, so well done!!

Diana said...

Proof once again how great you guys are at being parents. Congratulations on such amazing kids.... {HUG}


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