Think I need a new career path....

A position came up today on the state website for an office supervisor 10 within a different department but within the same complex which is so close to our home. After becoming a lead worker, I had said that I never wanted to be a supervisor after seeing all the petty dealings that they dealt with.

However, after being stuck in the middle for so long, having absolutely no control over how we do things, but being expected to fix it all when it goes wrong, I’m sick of being a lead worker and wonder if being a supervisor would give me the chance to make a unit the way I would like a unit to be run.

I’m sick of having someone go along behind me and completely undermine things I do, all the while telling me to my face how wonderful of a job I’m doing. I hate doing the weekly report for my supervisor and getting virtually no credit for it, simply because she doesn’t have the writing skills to be able to write the stupid report. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the work, per se. I just don’t like feeling like I can’t make a difference to have things done in a really constructive, productive way, but then having to answer when it’s not so productive.

So, maybe I would like to be a supervisor. Maybe I would like to deal with the petty stuff so that I can deal with it in a way that doesn’t allow it to continue happening. I think negative and petty begets negative and petty. If we can stop it at the source, maybe we can change things around.

However, after just talking to our analyst, maybe not. She’s higher up than me, and it sounds as if the problem goes up the ladder of management. So I guess I should just be a department head. That would solve all my problems ;)


Reminder! Check your kids' homework!

This is the letter sent to school with the student the following day:

Dear Mrs. James,

That's NOT me pole dancing onstage in a strip joint!

I work at Home Depot and that's me selling a shovel.

(signed) Mrs. Smith

Okay, I had to laugh out loud at this. I could totally see something like this happening to me...except of course I don't work at Home Depot. This may be one of the reasons why Chuck and I stand over Zachary as he's doing his homework. The other of course is to keep him on track.

Things seem to be going worse again at school. I was hopeful that this wouldn't happen after Christmas break, but little did I know they were going to have a student teacher in the classroom after Christmas. The transition of two different teachers teaching, along with different teaching styles, and adjusting his meds is not making for good school days. But, we're trying. We have another IEP meeting (I've asked for at least 2 since November. I finally got this one when I said that the therapist wanted to be there.) on Friday so I'm hoping that maybe his Dr. can help us talk some sense into the school and help them to understand where Zachary is at.


Wish I had some pictures to show...

but I'm pretty sure I'd be kicked out of blogger for indecent nudity or child pornography or something.

My daughter has discovered that she can take ALL her clothes off. Honestly, I think it's adorable seeing her little nakey butt running through the hallway. Chuck, on the other hand, doesn't find it at all humourous at our daughter who prefers to be naked.

Although, I don't think she prefers to be naked as much as she prefers to not be in a soiled diaper.

The other day, while Chuck was in the kitchen making dinner and all three kids were playing in the living room, Elizabeth decided that she'd been wet long enough (which in her time is about 2 minutes after she wets) so she stripped off all her clothes and then found a gel pen that the boys had been drawing with and drew all over her arms, face, belly, legs...well, everywhere. I came home to a little girl sitting in her chair at the table covered in purple pen...but at least she had some clothes on at that point.

Then this morning I knew that if I didn't get her out of her bed as soon as she awoke that she'd strip down. So I kept my ears open for sounds of her awakening. I thought I heard something so I peeked into her room. The sight that awaited me made me chuckle. There's my sweet, precious sleeping daughter on her belly and knees with butt in the air. So sweet...I love seeing my kids sleeping. However, this was different. She was literally buck naked. Not a stitch of clothing on her. No blankets, nothing. I snuck back out of the room and a little while later she woke up. I went into her room where she told me "ba" (which loosely translated for her means "potty") as she pointed at her wet bed and "trash" to indicate that her wet diaper that she threw on the floor needed to be thrown away.

I think it's time we potty train this girl. God help me.

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