Reminder! Check your kids' homework!

This is the letter sent to school with the student the following day:

Dear Mrs. James,

That's NOT me pole dancing onstage in a strip joint!

I work at Home Depot and that's me selling a shovel.

(signed) Mrs. Smith

Okay, I had to laugh out loud at this. I could totally see something like this happening to me...except of course I don't work at Home Depot. This may be one of the reasons why Chuck and I stand over Zachary as he's doing his homework. The other of course is to keep him on track.

Things seem to be going worse again at school. I was hopeful that this wouldn't happen after Christmas break, but little did I know they were going to have a student teacher in the classroom after Christmas. The transition of two different teachers teaching, along with different teaching styles, and adjusting his meds is not making for good school days. But, we're trying. We have another IEP meeting (I've asked for at least 2 since November. I finally got this one when I said that the therapist wanted to be there.) on Friday so I'm hoping that maybe his Dr. can help us talk some sense into the school and help them to understand where Zachary is at.

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