She's HERE!

Baby Elizabeth is HERE! She was born May 11, 2007 at 9:26 pm. I don't have a lot of time right now and my computer is crashed at home :( so I'll fill in all the details later.

But I am alive and doing well as well as Elizabeth Grace. She's so precious...I have a ton of pics but can't upload any because of the library computer. So ya'll have to wait!

The labor and delivery was very easy and I got to labor in the jacuzzi tub for most of the time and I went without an epidural this time! Yay me! This was the perfect delivery for my last baby.

I ended up having to be "induced" but actually it was just a gentle nudge as I was already 3 cm when I got to the hospital. But I had an ultrasound at 1:15 on May 11 and they said that they wanted her out that night since my amniotic fluid was dangerously low. So I called the hubby and my parents and went to the hospital soon after that. I was given a prostaglandin suppository and 5 hours later she was born!

The boys are having some behavioral issues that I'm sure are due to having the baby at home but they aren't taking it out on her...just the opposite really, they are CONSTANTLY kissing and hugging her. Poor Elizabeth! She'll be sooo overprotected between her daddy and two older brothers!

I hope to have some pics up sometime soon and a little more on the birth and the wonderful feelings of contentment (most of the time) with having 3 kids.


Well, after 9 months...

I'm feeling GREAT! Nope, no baby yet but I'm feeling so happy tonight and full of energy. I was just walking around our unit at work singing an old song by Miami Sound Machine and thinking "if I wasn't so dang big I would be dancing right now!"

I think I've finally rested up some and the stress of the boys' birthday party, all 4 of us being sick with the pukies, Luke's birthday and 3 dr's appt all last week has lifted. I got some rest, some great sex and feel good now. AND I had about 3 hours to myself this morning while the boys' were in school to do whatever I wanted.

I watched A Baby Story, folded up and put away baby clothes and took a nap. Not all that exciting but it felt good.

Now, we just have Zachary's birthday yet to go on Wednesday and then the birth at any time. Oh, plus I have to register my big boy for kindy on Thursday :( That's going to be hard I think. I'm already feeling a little sad about that. I saw him this weekend in his booster seat in the van with his brand new baseball cap, his sunglasses and his new portable cd player rocking out to JoJo's Circus and he looked like he was about 15. Okay, well, maybe I was just imagining him as 15 but he did look so grown up. The years have gone by so fast.

And now we embark on yet another child. Another one to look at in 5 years and wonder "where the hell did the time go? Did I spend it wisely? Did I play enough? Did I make a mark on my child that I want him/her to remember?" I hope so. Last night at bedtime Zachary told me "I love you, did you know that? I love our family and how it is. And when you and Daddy die, you will stay in my heart forever and ever and ever. Even when I die you'll still be there".

I think that maybe I have made a mark.


All dressed up....

And just the cafeteria to go to!

We had a recognition program today at work for those dedicated servants to the government of our State. We had bottled water and cookies and EVERYTHING. LOL. Well, with the huge defecit that our state is in, I couldn't expect much. The director of our division even made it a point to state that the government money did not pay for our "refreshments" they were paid for by our bureau and division directors. Hooray for them.

But I had to come in on days for the ceremony, if you will. So I figured since I would be hob-knobbing with the big wigs it might be a good idea if I dressed up a little. So I put on my nicest outfit that still fits my whale of a body and even had Zachary dig out my high heels since the only other shoes I have right now is a pair of brown flats and a pair of flip-flops. Neither saying "Hey, I'm a professional". So I had a friend at work take a pic of me for posterity.

Here I am at almost 38 weeks...I had ditched the heels at this point though! :)

After seeing this pic I have determined a couple of things:

1. I need my hair colored BAD!

2. Black is VERY slimming. I look much smaller in that pic than I do in real life, FO SHO.

3. I need to work on losing weight after the baby comes. I'm not very happy with the extra chin.


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