Well, after 9 months...

I'm feeling GREAT! Nope, no baby yet but I'm feeling so happy tonight and full of energy. I was just walking around our unit at work singing an old song by Miami Sound Machine and thinking "if I wasn't so dang big I would be dancing right now!"

I think I've finally rested up some and the stress of the boys' birthday party, all 4 of us being sick with the pukies, Luke's birthday and 3 dr's appt all last week has lifted. I got some rest, some great sex and feel good now. AND I had about 3 hours to myself this morning while the boys' were in school to do whatever I wanted.

I watched A Baby Story, folded up and put away baby clothes and took a nap. Not all that exciting but it felt good.

Now, we just have Zachary's birthday yet to go on Wednesday and then the birth at any time. Oh, plus I have to register my big boy for kindy on Thursday :( That's going to be hard I think. I'm already feeling a little sad about that. I saw him this weekend in his booster seat in the van with his brand new baseball cap, his sunglasses and his new portable cd player rocking out to JoJo's Circus and he looked like he was about 15. Okay, well, maybe I was just imagining him as 15 but he did look so grown up. The years have gone by so fast.

And now we embark on yet another child. Another one to look at in 5 years and wonder "where the hell did the time go? Did I spend it wisely? Did I play enough? Did I make a mark on my child that I want him/her to remember?" I hope so. Last night at bedtime Zachary told me "I love you, did you know that? I love our family and how it is. And when you and Daddy die, you will stay in my heart forever and ever and ever. Even when I die you'll still be there".

I think that maybe I have made a mark.


Christi said...

Wow, that's very profound for Zachary, Lisa. That's such a heart warming thing he said. And he's how old??? Wow! I can't think of my kids saying anything to me like that. Well not that I can recall now lol. Of course you will make an impact and you're a wonderful mother so you are doing great ;)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Awww that's so sweet!

You know I found nothing eased the pain of Sarah starting Kindy quite so much as the arrival of her sister. By the time school started (I was 2.5 months post partum) I was the one waving her off and dancing.

Hannah said...

Ethan says things like that ALL THE TIME. It is so very heartwarming. Zachary is a sweetheart, for sure!!!
Enjoy your last few days before baby arrives, it won't be long now! How exciting :-)


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