All dressed up....

And just the cafeteria to go to!

We had a recognition program today at work for those dedicated servants to the government of our State. We had bottled water and cookies and EVERYTHING. LOL. Well, with the huge defecit that our state is in, I couldn't expect much. The director of our division even made it a point to state that the government money did not pay for our "refreshments" they were paid for by our bureau and division directors. Hooray for them.

But I had to come in on days for the ceremony, if you will. So I figured since I would be hob-knobbing with the big wigs it might be a good idea if I dressed up a little. So I put on my nicest outfit that still fits my whale of a body and even had Zachary dig out my high heels since the only other shoes I have right now is a pair of brown flats and a pair of flip-flops. Neither saying "Hey, I'm a professional". So I had a friend at work take a pic of me for posterity.

Here I am at almost 38 weeks...I had ditched the heels at this point though! :)

After seeing this pic I have determined a couple of things:

1. I need my hair colored BAD!

2. Black is VERY slimming. I look much smaller in that pic than I do in real life, FO SHO.

3. I need to work on losing weight after the baby comes. I'm not very happy with the extra chin.


Hannah said...

I think that is only the 2nd photo of you I've ever seen! It is nice to put a face to the name, so to speak. And you look great all dressed up!

Anonymous said...

Glad to help out with the picture for you.. You look beautiful preggy Mom! Looking forward to meet Elizabeth!


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh you're BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

You're really glowing.. like for REAL!!

You look so happy! I don't think I was EVER happy during my last few weeks!

Good on you! and happy healthy QUICK labour vibes!


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