In case you were wondering....

I'm still pregnant.

Yep, no little girl over here yet. I know, I know I'm only 37 weeks but OMG come on already! I'm really not comfortable much anymore. Seems like the best sleep I get is in the lazy boy between 7 am (when Zachary has been waking me up) and 9:00 am when I have to take him to preschool! But I can feel her moving around in there, making me realize that it's a little person and she'll come when she's good and ready. Even if it is closer to her actual due date!

I've had some nesting instinct. I guess you could say that anyways! I've cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom, literally. Washed the walls, the floor, the cupboards, all the appliances, the windows and the curtain. I've cleaned the bathroom the same way and got down on my hands and knees last weekend to clean behind the toilet and the sink. I've washed down all the doors and gotten all the cobwebs and fuzzies from every nook and cranny in every room. I've dusted the living room furniture and today went through and polished and conditioned all the wood. I don't think my house has been this cleaned since we moved in!

But, at this point if she wants to wait until after the ninth I think I'd be okay with that. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. I really would rather go out for dinner on my 30th bday than have a baby. May 1 is Luke's 3rd birthday. May 5 is Luke and Zachary's birthday party and then May 9 is Zachary's 5th birthday. So, if we can hold off till after all that and allow the boys to have their own special days and a great party, I'd be okay with that.

Last weekend I was starting to get really really nervous about labor and delivery. Trying to determine how much it was going to hurt. How bad I wanted to try with no painkillers this time. How much it was going to hurt ;) But I guess I've calmed about that now. I know what's going to happen is going to happen with labor. Nothing I can really do to stop it. If only I could feel that calm about the rest of the 3 weeks!!


Hannah said...

You really do have the nesting instinct, don't you!?

You guys really will have a busy month of May birthdays, won't you?? It will be amazing if baby girl's birthday is somewhere between Lukas and Zachary - how cool!

I'm sure you can have a drug-free birth if that's what you really want. I've had two, and it honestly wasn't that bad. Yes, it hurts, but it is bearable because it is pain with a purpose, and you know it won't last forever. Honestly, I'm a big wuss when it comes to any other kind of pain, mostly because I worry that it won't ever go away, or that it is the reason for something being horribly wrong with me. Labour pain is different, so I was able to handle it. Weird, but that's my story and I thought it might help you to hear it!

Not long to go now!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a GREAT day!

Angella said...

I was also drug-free, but I have fast labour. If I had long labour, I'd have an epidural fo sho!

Happy Birthday!


noname said...

Wanna come nest in my house? I keep saying I'm going to clean and I get started. Then something happens (like, a week ago I took a hard fall to my good knee while in a twisting stance...couldn't walk on it for a week!) or one of my kids goes 'postal' and tries to drag us all down with him. Sheesh.

Very excited for you and hope this one is quick and easy!

Julie Bo Boolie said...

hehehehe.. I WAS wondering which is why I came over today... here's hoping you don't have to wait TOO much longer!

Mark said...

My girlfriend is 37 weeks + 5 days and she's got the nesting instinct really bad! This morning she got up at 5am and cleaned out the fridge, the freezer, the cupboards. When I took a week off work she said, 'Great - but I hope you're not going to hang around and make a mess.'



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