School Daze!

Okay, I did it. I sent my oldest baby off to school. I cried. Not sobbed...but I've teared up several times this morning. I feel a little lost, if truth be told. Because not only did I send Zachary to kindergarden this morning, I also sent Luke off to preschool for 5 days a week. All I have is Elizabeth...and she sleeps during this time. What the heck do I do? Well, today I sit on the internet and looking at pictures of my boys wondering where the heck time went to. It really seems like just yesterday that I had each of them...and here they are, going off to their respective schools. Not needing me anymore. Probably not wanting me anymore. Perfectly happy to be hanging with friends. No, I know they still want me. Forgive me for being a little melodramatic at a time like this. (Oh, yea, it doesn't help that I started my damn period for the first time in a year!) But honestly, the last 3 years of my life has been defined by my kids. I know that's really sad, but it's mostly true. I lived my mornings anyway, but the boys. It seems empty around here now. Empty and quiet. It's just weird.

Luke was a little apprehensive. He's been going to this preschool for about 4 months now, but only 2 days a week and always with his brother. When I dropped him off, Luke asked "Isn't brother coming in too?" It'll be interesting to see how his personality develops at school without the influences of his big brother.
Zachary was really nervous. He told us so! When we walked into the school and there was all those kids and teachers, and parents everywhere, I thought he might cry. Then his room was empty...his face literally fell! One issue I'm having (just one...I'm having many) with the school/teacher is that they just ASSUME you know what the heck is going on. Apparently, they go to the cafeteria before the bell rings...so that's where we should have dropped him off. Would have been nice to know that!
Maybe I'll get some blog time in in the mornings now that everyone is in school. Or maybe I'll get some sleep :)

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Hannah said...

Oh, the first day of school!! He certainly looks pretty happy! I do hear you on the teachers/school "assuming" we know what's going on. I think that happens everywhere! There is always some thing that you are supposed to know but you don't, because nobody told you. Sigh.

I hope Zachary enjoyed his first day and that Luke gets used to not having him around at preschool. I know it took Tyler a little while to get used to not having his brother around at preschool, but now his teachers say that he's just blossomed and become quite a different child, more confident and with more of a personality now that's he's on his own. So it's been good for him.


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