Lordy Lordy Look who's FORTY!

11 years ago, I met a man. He was an arrogant SOB who was funny, smart, and a little demented. I enjoyed his company even if he was 9 years my senior.

We started seeing each other.

Now, at this point I was 20 years old. FORTY was so oooollllllldddd to me. I was firmly entrenched in the belief (because my parents were in their 40's) that people over 40 should not have sex.


At 40, you're old and that's just nasty and disgusting.

How the hell did 40 creep up on my husband so fast?? I guess that's what happens when you marry someone older than yourself. Ah, well, I've moved my "no sex" age up to 55 now. I think my age will continue to move up as my parents get older. Therefore, I can still continue to have sex with my husband.

Yep. Because now 40 doesn't seem that old.

Happy Birthday Chuck. I love you. You are amazing person, husband and father. I'm so glad to have shared the last 11 years with you.


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Chuck!

Diana said...

Hope you had a great day, Big Guy!!


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