Family Reunion Pics

Lucas putting on his sunglasses over the Family Reunion weekend, July 8-9.

Zachary's sandy hands. I LOVE this picture and our brand new Fujifilm S5100. I know it's an older model but it still takes AWESOME pictures. You can see all the grains of sand on his hands!

My dad and Lucas. They have such a special bond. I love seeing it. Dad is such a better grandpa than he was a Dad. Why? He's more mellow....more forgiving in so many ways. And less stressed I think because he's not the one providing for the boys...so he can enjoy them all that much more. And Lucas is definetely a Grandpa's boy!


-Lo said...

I have the SAME camera!!!! Its kickass :) Dont you love the sound sit makes when it takes the pic ;)
I love pics, they are awsome


Hannah said...

Awww, gorgeous pics Lisa!!!! Those are fantastic, I love the one of Zachary!!
And what a cute photo of Lucas and your dad. He looks like a lovely grandpa to me :-)


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