The little things...

It's the little things that make me happy lately. And I need a lot of help being happy. Why?
Because we're still not done with the boys' bedroom and I'd really like to sleep in my own bed again.

Because we are two weeks away from a week long vacation and I feel so unprepared for it.

Because I'm training an absolute moron at work.

I'm just feeling the stress, I guess.

But then the boys do something and it makes me smile. And remember that they are my priority and my life.

Like today...I was in the shower washing up after working on sanding the drywall in their bedroom. I was yelling at them to get their shoes on so we could meet daddy at work.

Zachary came into the bathroom and said his shoes were on, so I asked him if he could PLEASE help his brother put his shoes on. So off Zachary ran.

2 seconds later, he was back.

Z: "Mommy! Oh my gosh, Lucas put his shoes on ALL BY HIMSELF!" He was jumping up and down he was so excited for his brother.

Me: "Really?" In comes Lucas...I poke my head out and sure enough he has his shoes on....

Z: "All I helped him with was his straps. He can put his shoes on by himself Mommy!"

It really warms my heart to see my boys get so excited for one another's accomplishments. I hope it's always that way.


Angella said...

That's so sweet! Graham does that whenever Nathan does something new, or says a new word.

So cool, the love of brothers!

Anonymous said...

that s sweet!

Hannah said...

Awww, that's the sweetest thing ever!! Your boys are precious!

I love how proud Ethan is of Tyler when he does something for the first time or when he says a new word.

Kids are SO great at making you stop and take notice of the little things. I LOVE that!!

Julie Q said...

Aw, that is very sweet! :)


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