Great news is abound!

First, we have a babysitter on Saturday night!!! I am so excited! I honestly can't remember the last time Chuck and I went out together. I could probably look back in my posts and figure it out, but if you consider I don't have the patience to search for things, that's not gonna happen. However, it's a new babysitter and I'm starting to have some anxieties about it. She comes highly recommended by a good friend of mine, but I don't have a cell phone so how can she get ahold of me if something happens? And I think we may be leaving Elizabeth with her....she says she babysits another family with three children, one being an infant, and she's perfectly comfortable with it. Doesn't mean I'm necessarily comfortable with it. I'm going to have to let someone watch E at some point though! We're going to see Harry Potter *drool*! I'm so excited to see this movie...and I'm getting the new book Friday night after work! Some days it pays to work until 1 am!!

Second thing: We are finally starting to finish Elizabeth's room! And we got one hell of a deal. After calling the place that was recommended to me and them wanting $500 to $700 to hang one wall of drywall and finish all 4 walls, I thought for sure we were going to have to finish the drywall ourselves. Not my favorite job, particularly. I did it in Zachary and Lucas' room but it took forever. I'd kinda like Elizabeth in her own room sometime sooner than 2 years from now! :p So I called a local guy and he wants $160 plus the cost of drywall and mud!! Sweet! He's starting tomorrow morning. I may be able to paint my little girls room this weekend. I can't wait to set her room up with the little fairies that we have. Shoot, I need to finish her quilt too!!

So much to do, so little time. I feel like I'm running on a high tonight. Maybe I've had too much sugar...or maybe I'm excited things are going the right way for a change.


noname said...

Very cool on the night out and the drywall. I detest drywall jobs...they take forever and get dust *every*where!

Hannah said...

I hope you have a wonderful night out!! :-)

noname said...

I tagged you today on my blog.

When I scrolled down to leave this comment, I saw Elizabeth's picture and just had to smile. I so needed that today. :)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh I hope you had a good time and enjoyed the movie!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get round to the invites on my blog .. I'm trying to limit computer time.

Anyhow.. if you'd like to be added just email me at luvinginc@yahoo.ca (no pressure.. if you don't want to I totally understand!)




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