Another one of those "I'm so thankful" posts

This weekend our area was hit pretty hard by the storms. When I was younger, I LOVED storms. I would stand out with my dad and watch them come in...with the sirens going off and everything before my mom would yell at us all and tell us to get our asses in the basement. I always thought she was a little it of an alarmist at times.

But now that I'm a mom...well, let's just say things have changed.

I think if we had a basement I'd feel a little more comfortable knowing that the kids could be safe, but we don't. And after the tornado of last year I'm even more than a little leary.

It really bothers me being at work because I don't know what's going on. Not that Chuck can't handle the situation himself, but the not knowing kills me (Yes, I have some control issues.) Saturday night when day 2 of storms struck, I was here by myself with Luke and Elizabeth because Chuck and Zachary went to Cedar Point for the day (and had a great time I might add...here's Zachary in line for the Demon Drop. Um, yea. He rode it.). I wasn't nearly as nervous as I was on Friday but I did stay up until 12:15 watching the radar and listening for sirens.

And then it struck again yesterday! But we weren't home...and it didn't hit nearly as bad where we were at.

This round of storms has knocked out power for 31,000 people in our area. Many people in our small town have no power and likely won't until Wednesday. One woman lost her life when the storm kicked up with little warning and knocked her travel trailer over onto her, killing her. Her son is 10 and goes to Zachary's elementary school.

So, while we are having issues with the NEW van not working, the shower still not being finished because of yet another round of problems, more money going out to those two things to help fix, my stupid teeth literally breaking off just sitting here...

at least we have our lives. And our power. And all those close to us are safe and well. For all those things, I am thankful. I'm thankful for these reasons right here...


noname said...

The storms of the last couple of weeks were fierce. Back home it takes a hurricane to get them that badly as the rest of the storms have to cross over the mountains to get to us. That takes the punch out of them.

I made the mistake of letting Baby Girl eat watermelon in the living room. Blade sat down on the coffee table (and only because he knows he's not supposed to) and stuck to it.

Great picture and hope you're teeth aren't hurting.

Diana said...

I love when you get sentimental...or mental...LOL both are fun.


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