Update...I tried to keep it brief :)

There are so many, many things that have been happening I’m just going to do an update and overview on my life.

1. The bathroom is in the process of being remodeled. My brother came down and helped Chuck finish tearing it out and then putting the subflooring back in after reinforcing a couple of floor joists. He also replumbed the tub and showerhead because apparently even though you get the same type of shower controls they are NOT interchangeable. That was one weekend. The next weekend, Chuck went to start cutting the holes for the controls and such into the tub surround when we realized that the controls would hit smack dab in the middle of the decorative lip. So, Chuck cut all the pipes out, resoddered them and fit them all back in and they work perfectly now! We got the shower surround up without too much more of an issue and then called around and got estimates to put up the drywall, mud and tape it. While I *can* do this all myself, it takes me a looong time when I can only really work on it on the weekends. So, its worth the $275 to have someone else do that portion of it for us. Well, we got a call from the drywall guys brother yesterday that our drywall guy is unavailable and indisposed to finish the bathroom but that he would be able to come out and add the last coat (um, huh? What about finishing the first coat and the second coat?) and installing the fan/light. Chuck questioned what the heck was going on and our drywall guy got nabbed for a felony domestic and a warrant for unpaid child support. Rock on. Straight up nice dude, right?

However, the bathroom is now coming along nicely and looks better than the original drywall guy was doing it.

2. Zachary has had a horrible week. He’s been incredibly off and I’m sure some of it can be attributed to the change in his routine by not being in school any more. On Thursday of last week, he went off over something incredibly minute in detail and slammed his head into the wall over and over again until he had a huge goose egg on his head. Then after he finished that he took a three tiered toy bin and threw it all into the middle of the room. Saturday wasn’t too much better when he had issues because I said to turn the game off to go get ice cream. Needless to say, he didn’t get ice cream. I’m hoping that this week he starts to pull out of this and adjusts to being at home a bit better….just in time to start summer school and change the routine up again. ;(

3. Elizabeth got her first hair cut. By her brother. Yes, yes, that’s right Lucas decided on Thursday (Thursday wasn’t a very good day in our household) to take a chunk out of Elizabeth’s hair. Luckily (for her and him!) it’s not too bad. Just causes her hair in that spot to stand up when I try to pull it into a pony tail.

I’m thankful though, because it was literally HOURS after going and getting her 1 year old pictures done. Which turned out adorable (like there was any doubt!)! I don’t think that the individual who took the pics felt it was her best one, but it’s PERFECT Elizabeth. It shows her personality so well. I’ll have to scan it and add it in so everyone can see what a gorgeous little girl sh’es becoming. And a flirt, OMG, I’m in for trouble.

4. Lucas Michael, besides cutting his sisters hair, is officially driving us nuts. It’s gotta be the age. And being the middle child probably doesn’t help things. He has some major issues picking up. Never wants to pick up and usually waits until his brother does it all and then he gets to get off the hook. Well, Saturday, I’d had enough. At school, they praise Luke on what a good helper he is, how he always helps pick up, he’s the sweetest boy ever, and on and on. Well, I sent Luke in to do their bedroom and Zachary stayed in the living room and helped me (a lot). There was about 15 minutes of toddler work in their bedroom to get the toys picked up. Do you know how long he was in there? SIX HOURS. Yes, you heard me right. SIX HOURS. Chuck allowed him out to eat breakfast and lunch and then it was back into the bedroom to pick it up. I’m talking like 15 or 20 toys (some little stuff) and a few markers and about 5 articles of clothing. He cried and threw a fit and I told him he was going to stay in there until it was picked up. He may be stubborn, but he ain’t even started to see the stubbornness of his momma. It finally got done, by him, after Daddy promised him that if he cleaned it, he could have back his toys that I took away about 6 months ago. Which included his Light Up Blue Light Saber. It was clean in about 40 minutes…including vacuumed. Obviously, Daddy should be giving the incentives more often. But then again, I only took away so many toys ;)

5. My friend had her baby girl about 4 weeks early. After many complications including Riley’s lungs collapsing, being born with literally no blood, her oxygen level not raising about 20% for almost 3 hours, the uterus rupturing and the placenta detaching and the fact that Riley was passing blood onto the momma and it wasn’t coming back, she is looking on the upswing of things. She’s a little over one week old and is off all the machines except the ventilator and was removed from 5 of her 6 medicines. I just pray that this baby girl keeps fighting and comes home with Mommy and Daddy soon.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I’m going slightly crazy having all 3 kids with me most of the time and then having an additional 2 kids that I babysit on Fridays but I’m trying to make the most of it and get as much sleep as possible. We’ve got plans to go to a Children’s museum this week, splash pad next week, then a playdate and County Fair the following week….all dependant on little boys’ behavior though. So we shall see….and I won’t be holding my breath.


Hannah said...

Wow! I am tired after reading that! I bet the holidays are tough (especially with 2 extra kids!!) but I hope the boys settle into a routine of being home, and then you can enjoy those activities. I find it takes my boys about 2 weeks to really calm down over the summer break ;-)

noname said...

I'm ready for school to start up again. Seriously.

And in a couple of weeks my niece and nephew from back home will be with us for 3 weeks. And when they leave, father in law almost right on their heels.

Great on you guys for sticking to your guns but boy it can wear you down, can't it? Can't wait to see her picture. Good luck with the transitions.

Debbie said...

Finally an update! I can see why you haven't had much blogging time lately. Haha

I hope things get easier and you are able to do some fun things with the kidlets this summer.

Anonymous said...

It must be really hard to have them for such a long stretch too. Is it 3 months? It's kinda good that we go all year round but even saying that we still get a decent break for Christmas which I would guess is about 2 months.

I hear ya about the cleaning up bit but I don't think it's a middle child thing. Lauryn doesn't do it either. Kamryn does everything and I feel bad for her too. So sometimes I make Lauryn do their bedroom and Kamryn the living room. Just so it seems equal. I only get them to pick up an hour before dinner. So it's not too bad and I don't think (well I hope not!) that I'm too hard on them.

Diana said...

Damn. Lady. I leave for a few days, and look what happens? LOL

I am back now, so please return to normal.

I would love to come along with you and the kids to any of these adventures. I can bring my crew, and we can split duties to make things more fun! LMK!


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