Me, the sex-pot consultant

Well, the state of the state address is tomorrow and we’re all very anxious to hear how two-penny Jenny is going to fix our problems. I’m of the mind that she’s not, yet, again. We’re ready to hear how she’s going to basically squander the 3 billion dollar federal monies that is being given to Michigan all the while more and more people lose their jobs and they layoff state workers or as the rumour may infer they cut our pay by 10%. I figured it out and with the 5% mandatory paycut I took when they moved me to days along with Chuck and I both losing 10% if she does this along with 13% of our income that we pay our sitter, we’ll have lost 38% of our combined household income in just about 3 months. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Why do I bring all this up? I’m thinking of taking on a part-time job as a Pure Romance consultant. It seems like the women I know and talk to are still into going to parties and buying “marital aids”; probably to relieve stress and depression. I have a huge conglomerate of friends that I think would have parties, too. I’ve had a couple of different consultants over the last few years try pretty hardcore to recruit me saying that I’d be an excellent consultant since I know my toys and have a passion for women being open with their sexuality and finding the inner sex-pot even if it’s more tame than mine is.

On top of possibly making some money, I think it’d be so much fun to talk about sex with women as a part-time job. It’s something that I know a bit about and have a lot of fun with. It’d allow me an outlet to be a fun, lively woman and not just mom all the time. You’d think my job with the government would do that, but honestly I come to work and babysit a bunch of old people. It’s not all that much different than being at home, for the most part. Except for the fact that I love my children and only mostly like the people at work.

So, I’m thinking about doing this. There’s a slight start-up charge in order to get the product to showcase at the parties and I’m a little hesistant about that. What do you think? Have you ever done any in-home parties? What’s the pro’s and con’s?

Oh, and btw, I was HEAVILY discouraged against the supervisor position. Why? Because apparently there is some major discourse among the employees and the department manager above that position is HORRIBLE to work for. So, I’m going to pass on that. I don’t need more stress in my life.


Hannah said...

I think if doing that job interests you, you think you would enjoy it, and would help supplement your income, then why not? With things the way they are financially around the world, any chance to earn some extra money is something to seriously consider.

Good luck!

Head Artichoke said...

Go for it.

You'd think with all the good financial work Bush did that Granholm would be easily able to rescue Michigan. She just doesn't seem to be able to do it though. Hopeless.

Karen said...

The comment Granholm made about cutting salaries by 10% does not pertain to you. She said,"I’m asking our team to continually provide better service at less cost to taxpayers. That starts at
the top. Today, the Lt. Governor and I have urged the State Officers Compensation Commission
to reduce the salaries of all state elected officials in Michigan by 10 percent. With families across
Michigan struggling to make ends meet, we must tighten our belts as well."

It was about state elected officials.

Lisa said...

Karen...yes, I understand that now. I actually wrote that before the state of the state address. There were rumours flying around here at work, from certain members of the high up union, that it was going to be across the board. I'm all for having state elected officials taking a 10% paycut. Especially since they took a 33% paycut about 5 years ago, all the while cutting our pay and making us take furlough days.

I had a whole response typed out about Granholm and the state of the state, but I just erased it. I'm not going to get into politics heavily because Matthew you and I just don't see eye to eye and that's never going to change.

MOM said...


mommy4boys said...

What have I not tried? Lets see: Avon, Creative Memories, Quixtar, Mona Vie,etc.. LOL I like each and every computer. They are fun to work from home and to make extra income. It pays to set goals and really work them. If you plan on not doing much with it, I would say do not sign up. These types of business do take work. I hope that helps.


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