Rar!!! This is why I want to be on vacation!

While our weather wasn't wonderful, at least I wasn't working.

*sigh* I'm so sick and tired of the defensiveness, the lack of intelligence, and the ineptitude for handling individuals. I bring up points that are completely bringing down morale within my work unit, and I'm told that no one has said that and that I'm just basically being bitchy and snippy. Um, hello. NO one tells the uppers this because they don't want to be singled out, picked on and reprimanded. I, as the lead worker, try to bring things to light and make things a little bit better and am told, basically, this is my decision, who cares if no one likes it and it makes the whole unit on edge and disgustedly unmanageable, I'm not going to change because I "have faith that we'll pull through this okay".

Yea, right.

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Hannah said...

Ugh!! Work politics!! I sooooo don't miss all this crap since I started working from home. Sometimes you just have to put up with crappy processes and bad morale etc just to keep the peace, which seems totally ironic and ridiculous!! I SO get this post. I'm really sorry you're having to deal with it though ... hope things settle down (as much as possible) ... I've been there and I know it sucks! I've been labelled the bitchy one because I wanted to improve things. You're not alone ... there are idiots for colleagues all over the world!!!!


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