Weird. Past count up 4.

I have 3 other blog posts started. But it seems like everytime I get a chance and the inclination to sit down and write in my blog, something seriously odd crops up that makes me want to write and then my other blog posts sit.

After my last post, a comment was made from a gentleman named Dave. It was really more directed at my hubby than at me. But being who I am...I kinda ran with it. Dave was a very old, very good friend of my husband's. Pre-Lisa time. He found my blog and decided to leave Chuck a message saying hi. The curiosity of how he found my site got the better of me, so I googled him and sent him an email. Turns out he still lives close, still has a lot in common with Chuck (or so his site would seem to say) and has some in common with me in the fact that we both know and use sign language. Hmmm.

So Chuck and I were discussing this today and he brought up how past-filled the last few months have been. About 2 months ago, Chuck's ex-wife contacted him regarding an old business matter. There has been virtually no contact whatsoever in the last 10 yrs we've been together. Then, WHAM!, out of the blue. An email from her.

Then a few weekends ago, Chuck went to Home Depot to get some things for E's room. He was there by himself and was fixing some things in the truck when someone said something to him. Turns out that it's one of his old friends from a past job. His girlfriend, now wife, Lisa was also with him and about 5 months pregnant to boot! Wow! This was actually one couple friend that we had that we both liked the other half :) (Oh wait...I adore Matt and Karen...so I guess that makes 2). So they exchange numbers and go on their way.

Then last weekend, about 20 minutes after we get home from the baptism, the phone rings. It turns out to be a VERY good friend of Chuck's and I's that we kinda lost contact with. Being working parents, on opposite shifts, we tend to lose contact with lots of people. (Well, maybe that's just an excuse. We were never very good at keeping contact with people even before the kids.) Steve was in our wedding and Chuck was in Steve's wedding; and Steve called to say that he was now living in Tennessee and had just signed divorce papers that day. Again, another person reaching out completely out of the blue.

A part of me wonders what exactly this all means. What's going on? Why all of this now? I hope it's nothing bad...like Chuck is going to have some health issues and this is God's way of trying to clean up loose ends. *shiver* Yea, hopefully nothing like that.

But I guess I (for one) will take it as a chance to have a second opportunity for friends. :)

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Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

maybe it's just that you've finally been forced to slow down a bit and you're being shown the rewards of that?


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