Just another manic.....Thursday???

Every have one of those mornings?

This is a pretty accurate account of how my morning went.

At approximately the butt crack of dawn, or maybe even sooner, Elizabeth started crying incessantly for some reason (she rarely does this) so I went and got her and brought her to bed with me hoping to God she’d go back to sleep. After about 15 minutes of playing and rolling around, she did.

About the instant she fell asleep and I was starting to doze back off, I felt a heaviness on my legs. I look up in the mostly darkness to see Lucas crawling his way up into my bed, seeing Elizabeth sleeping between Chuck and I and looking extremely offended. That is his spot afterall, doesn’t she know that? I encouraged him back into his bed…which he refused…so I told him to lay down at the end of the bed. I guess he took that as ON my legs.

At 5:05, Chuck’s alarm starts going off and I tell Lucas that it’s time for him to go back to his own bed. Lucas lays there….much like a lump…on my legs. I pull him up to me, give him a hug, and push gently set him down from the side of my bed where he scampers off to his room and Elizabeth continues to sleep on as do I.

My alarm went off at 6:20, which is when I start the 50 minute habit of pushing snooze.

I get up at 7:10, everyone else is still sleeping so I go in and start the process of waking up Zachary so he can put on his Daytrana patch. I take this opportunity to switch the laundry over and start a load of diapers. (Yes, I cloth diaper still…occasionally…but am trying to do it full-time again).

Go in and try to wake up Zachary again. Ask him if he’s dry…YES! I finally get him out of the bed and he goes into the bathroom, I thought to go pee. Elizabeth wakes up and tries to get into the bathroom. Zachary starts yelling at her to get out. Break up the squirmish, put Zachary’s patch on him, he gets into the shower.

I make Zachary a cheese quesadilla and pack his lunch. I fold the load of laundry and try to find the other red soccer sock for pictures tonight. No luck. Lucas wakes up and comes in all sleepy faced saying “morning momma” (oh, how I love the wake up faces!) I ask him to go in and tell Zachary to get out of the shower as I’m still folding the laundry.

7:45 Zachary STILL not out. I tell him it’s time now! So he finally gets out.

I put away the boys’ laundry (usually they do this, but didn’t feel like the fight this morning) and start the shower for Elizabeth and I. Yet another morning of taking a shower with the baby. Tell the boys that the cinnamon rolls are on the table and they get to frost their own this morning. Woohoo!

Get showered, get Elizabeth showered, and we’re out. Before Eric arrives…Thank God. Get Elizabeth dressed in her pretty ASIL Diaper with the embroidered flower on the bum and she fights about what shirt she wants to wear (I’m in for it when she gets older!)

Get myself dressed and Eric arrives. I tell Zachary to grab his backpack and head out…I’m right behind him. Search all over for my work badge when Chuck calls asking me how things are going and reminding me to pick up the veggies for his work potluck today. He tells me where my badge went to and I head out the door. Where Zachary is standing with the mail from yesterday.

So, we climb into jeep and head off to the school, only 2 minutes behind where we should be. Awesome! That’s better than a lot of days.

When I got to school I reminded Zachary (as I always do) to grab his backpack. Look.

Look again.

No backpack.

DANG IT! I know he had it when I told him to get into the jeep…I saw him have it in his hand in the house! Tell him to get into class and I’ll bring his backpack back.

Stop at the local grocery store before heading home to get the vegetables. Go into my bag to get my wallet.

No. Wallet.

Scream inside. Remember that I left it sitting on my counter at work.

Run home to get checkbook, construction paper (to start the leaves for the Family Tree project we have to finish tonight) and what do I see?
Yep…you guessed it. My son would lose his head if it weren’t attached. I found the backpack lying in the driveway.

Grab everything I need, go back to the grocery store and get all the veggies for the potluck, drop off Zachary’s backpack at school (where when I go in the kids are doing NOTHING ½ hour after school started!) and jump back in the jeep to head to work.

Only 20 minutes late. Woohoo! Not too bad for a chaotic morning!

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Kristin said...

Must be something in the air this week. My little man is a night owl, so he rarely gets up before 8. He decided 5:30 was a good time the other day. Ugh.


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