Laughter & Sex are "The Best Medicine"

My mornings typically consist of getting ready for work, packing lunches for Chuck, I and Zachary, getting Zachary motivated by threatening motivating him with reminders of extra game time, making breakfasts for everyone, getting Elizabeth dressed, making sure that Zachary has everything needed for school and has his shoes on the right feet.

I do all of this in 1 hour until it’s time to take Zachary to school and I get one my way to work.

My bright spot of the morning (besides the first sleepy “morning Momma”’s and morning kisses) is my solitary trip to work (all 10 minutes of it) where I can listen in peace to Bob and Tom.

I love Bob and Tom. They make me laugh and I usually learn some little tid-bits that I didn’t know before. Plus, I love hearing the wacky, usually upbeat, news stories instead of all the gloom and doom you normally hear. One of the first thoughts I had when we were told about going to days was “Woohoo! I get to listen to Bob and Tom again!”
Today, I was listening to my daily dose of Bob and Tom when I heard Costaki Economopoulos (yea, say that 3 times fast) and his topic for the week was laughter. Did you know that the average 3 year old will laugh 300 times a day?

The average adult? 17 times a day. Seriously, only 17 times. Slightly sad isn’t it? But I guess reality catches up with us as adults. Or maybe it takes more to make us laugh as we are more jaded.

I’m sure that everyone has heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” and Costaki was expounding on all the benefits of laughter

*Increases blood flow
*Boosts Relaxation
*Gives more restful sleep

Much like an orgasm.

Huh. That got me thinking. Laughter has many of the same properties of an orgasm. It’s like an orgasm that is acceptable in public.

So, if Laughter is the best medicine…wouldn’t sex be considered “the best medicine” too? I spent some time on google looking up the health benefits of sex and found out that:

*Relieves stress.
*Boosts your immunity.
*Burns calories.
*Improves cardiovascular health.
*Reduces pain (yes, it does! Endorphins released actually help to diminish pain!)
*Reduces the risk of prostrate cancer.
*Boosts self-esteem/Decreases depression
*Helps you sleep better (which is linked to good things like maintaining a healthy weight & blood pressure).

Seems to me that the old adage of “an apple a day will keep the dr. away” should be changed to “Sex and laughter every day will keep the dr. away!”

I think I’m in the right business. I shouldn’t be called a consultant, I should be called a “healthy life provider”. Every Pure Romance party I’ve done, I have laughed so much that my face hurts. And the guests laugh as much, if not more, than me. Then, after they go home, laden with their Pure Romance products, they get “lucky”. (Well, maybe not that night, but at least I know that they WILL be getting teh sex soon enough!)

So, my prescription for you is to laugh at least 17 times tonight and have sex. And call me in the morning (for more product!)

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