Un-Sleeping Beauty

My beautiful, darling little girl has also been an angel of a sleeper. I read on the moms forums about children that will not sleep unless nestled in the arms of their mother then have to be laid down ever so gently so as not to awaken the sleeping beast beauty or else have the whole process start over again.

Since Elizabeth was little our routine has been the same. Jammies, milk, bed, books, music on, light down, door shut, sleepy time for Miss Elizabeth. She rarely fussed; rarely woke up in the middle of the night past the time she was 6 months old or so.

I loved her sleeping pattern. Especially given the fact that our soon to be 5 and 7 year olds still have us lay down with them at night so that they won’t screw around and actually go to sleep at a reasonable hour.
So, why exactly, as we near the age of 2, has she decided that she doesn’t need to sleep?

About 2 months ago, our problem started. She learned to climb from her crib. No big deal, right? Because she couldn’t leave her room, she would get out of her crib, play a little bit by herself, climb back into her crib when she was tired and go to sleep.

Well, no more. Now she also knows how to open the doors (and I should mention she also knows how to open the baby-gate too.) So, I follow our routine. Shut the door and literally 30 seconds later she’s opening that door back up.

Now, I’ve been trying to “Nanny-fy” her following the bedtime rules from the super-nanny. I’ve sat next to her bed with my back to her. And when she’s quiet and I think she’s asleep I’ll look back to a little face literally squished between the bars staring at me. Or, nights such as last, she’ll lay down in her bed and reach her arms through her crib as far as possible and pull my hair, play with my neck, try to grab my shirt. And then I moved farther away, so she laid there and kicked her feet against the wall for about 40 minutes.

I’ve tried to sit out in the hallway and when she gets out of bed, put her back in bed, and again…and again…and again.

I’m TIRED! After a long day of work, housework, kids, husband, PR business, 3 hours of putting a child to bed is more than enough to test my patience.

Know how we got her to sleep for the last 4 days after a few hours of fighting with her? Bringing her to our bed where we can hold her and keep her still until she stops fighting sleep.

She’s still taking naps and I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time to give up the naps in favor of sleeping at night. But, seriously? She’s only 2. *insert mommy whine here* How can she be old enough to give up the naps? I want my excellent sleeping baby back! But I think those baby days are now gone for good. But we’ll keep working on the excellent sleeping part.


Hannah said...

I'm sorry you are having sleeping problems, it must be especially hard to handle since she has been such a good sleeper til this point. I hope you're able to get everybody in your household sleeping peacefully through the night again.

klynch said...

we are having similar issues but Liam just does not want to sleep in his room seems as if someone wants to take his bed so we leave the lights on and keep the door open andhe eventually falls asleep but he fights us everynight... the good thing is he does not get out of bed but I think your doing the right thing with just putting her back to bed are you talking to her when you put her back?
if so do it the first time but then after don't say anything and put her back... see if that works?
hugss hope it gets better

Cher said...

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