Ah, the voice of it all

I’ve always said that Chuck is the right man for me

….but he’d be the “perfect man” if he had an accent.

See, I’m a sucker for men with accents. Especially British, Irish or, in a pinch, Australian would do. I wonder sometimes if American men going overseas have the same type of allure that foreigners do here. Because there is something about an accent that makes me go weak in the knees and my tummy do a little flip-flop.

So, when a co-worker suggested I listen to this unabridged book on CD (the ONLY way to listen to them!) by Nora Roberts and told me that the gentlman who read it by the name of
Fiacre Douglas had a fabulous Irish brogue, I was more than a little intrigued.

I put in the first CD of Born in Fire and fell in love with the readers voice, but honestly had a little difficulty getting into the story. But by CD 2, not only was I in love with the voice but all of the characters.

So much so, that I had to bring the last cd home that night to see how the story ended because I just could not wait till the next morning to finish it!

I love good books like that. The ones that leave you folded in their story…sometimes long after the book is finished. And I honestly had forgotten how much I enjoy a good, honest-to-goodness romance story.

The following morning I started book 2 of the series by Nora Roberts entitled “Born in Ice”. It was spoken by the same Irish bloke who made me weak in the knees during the first book and since I already knew and loved all the characters I had absolutely no problem getting into it.

And oh, how I got into it. I brought the 10 cd’s home and listened to them Friday night while I cooked dinner (yes, I cooked!) and then finished them all on Saturday.

And my heart was filled with romance and I had stars in my eyes. And unfortunately, no husband to help me out in that area (he was in Chicago watching the USA v. Honduras soccer game).

The books took me back to when we were first dating. To when that first kiss literally stole your breath away…..*sigh* oh, how I miss the new-ness of all that.

The stories revolve around the Concannon sisters and their lives. Born in Fire is about Margaret Mary Concannon, a firey red-headed artist, with a stubborn, arrogant streak to boot (I kinda felt some sisterly companionship to her). Born in Ice focuses on Brianna Concannon who is the cool, level-headed, practical thinker of the sisters who feels fiercly loyal to her family even if there are reasons not to. Set in "the west counties" of Ireland there are a lot of references to Irish scenes, history, and of course, dialect. Both books are about the inner turmoil they have and must face in order to fall in love.

If you’re looking for a fabulously romantic read and interesting characters, I highly recommend Nora Robert’s Born in Ice and Born in Fire

If you’re looking for an experience that will leave you breathless with want and romance….listen to it!


Anonymous said...

In a pinch?!?!?!?!

Lisa said...

Yes, Australian will do if I have nothing else around.

So please make sure there is another Belmondo Booth for me ;)

Tiffany said...

Oh, I'm a HUGE Nora Roberts fan! I've never listened to the stories...I do better when I read them. Accents are sexy though =) I think I have almost every NR book...my husband thinks I'm crazy. That particular series is good.

Hannah said...

What about a Kiwi accent? Or only in a pinch? ;-)
I love accents too. But of course, to me, even American men have accents!! There is something sexy about a man with an accent that's different to your own, that's for sure.

Lisa said...

Hannah...I'm not sure I've actually ever heard a Kiwi accent. You'll have to get Rob to talk and post it on youtube or something ;) hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, have to comment, Lisa. I like the kiwi accent but not the stupid kiwi accent and trust me there is one! A smart kiwi accent is hot ;) My husband has tamed his only because I used to chat with someone from NZ and couldn't understand him so was very nervous I wouldn't be able to understand my husband either lol. It's all good now and he probably doesn't have much of a kiwi accent any more, well not around me anyway, work mates he does lol but I do miss it. I like accents too. I'm trying to think of a NZ actor that you might know??? Russell Crowe is a kiwi but I think growing up in Australia ruined it lol but every now and again you hear the kiwi. Um, Phil Koegan (sp?) from Amazing Race is a kiwi but again more American sounding but you still catch the odd kiwi accent in there lol. I'm sure Lord of the Rings has a few in it lol.

Anonymous said...

Russia accent is my favorite, that has gotten me into quite a bit of trouble!



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