Goodnight My Angel

Dear Elizabeth,

It’s not any special day. It’s not the day I found out we were pregnant with you. It’s not the day we found out we were having a girl. It’s not your birthday or even your half birthday. It’s just a regular, every other type of day.

But with you, it’s not ever just a regular day. You are like a bright ray of sunshine in our lives. As I laid down to sleep with you the other night I realized just how different (not better, just different) it is having a little girl in our family. We laid together in the very same bed that I laid in as a little girl and read books together and laughed and giggled and smiled. I was so very content and happy that I would have a daughter to share the very special bond that I have with my own mom.

I giggled as you played the “kissing game” and would point to a place on my face that should be kissed and say “naaah”, point to the next—“naah”, point to the next place and say “YES!” and kiss me. It was so sweet and….perfect.

When you play the “how much does mommy love me” game, I act very upset when you put your hands only inches apart saying “this much?” and tell you “oh no, more than that!” You move your hands a little bit further apart to which I reply “nope, more”. You finally move your arms outstretched all the way, wiggling your little fingers and say “THIS MUCH?” to which I get to reply “from fingertip to fingertip, that’s how much I love you.” And what a more perfect time than when our arms are fully outstretched to give hugs.

I love reading with you every night before bed. I love how you have your favorite book...recently it's been "Looking for a Moose" and how everytime you'd find a moose on the page, you'd get so excited and scream out. It's wonderful how after I read to you, you must read for yourself and are able to describe every page in detail of what it says. These are the nights I will hold in my heart forever.
You are a very special little girl to all those around you. You are bright, funny, and beautiful. I’m so happy to call you my daughter and look forward to the nights when I get to put you to bed and have more kissing and mommy loves me games.
Goodnight, My Angel.


Tiffany said...

So Sweet!!!!

Grandma B said...

yes, we do have a very special bond w/you and love every minute of it. I know sometimes when you were growing up, we sure clashed! This story shows what kind of bond you will have with your daughter, rocky at times I am sure because she has your "mind of your own" which is good! (Sometimes) I love your story & someday she will!


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