Halloween Memories

When I was little, I loved Halloween. Still do actually.

It’s funny, though, the things that you remember about your time as a child. You would think that you’d remember the costumes or going out trick-or-treating with your friends. But the times I remember the most were going and visiting my Grandma and Grandpa in the town next to ours.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to see Grandma and Grandpa; in fact, we saw them at least once a week. But after we went trick-or-treating to all the neighbors in about a 10 block radius and waited on the sidewalk for my mom to finish chatting with every. single. one. of the neighbors, we would pile in the car to go see my Grandma on the farm and then after we’d get our full size candy bars from her (score!) we’d head out to the next town to see Grandma and Grandpa.

They lived in a tiny little house….barely bigger than my very first apartment. Actually, my apartment might have just been bigger than their house. My Grandpa would almost inevitably be on the c.b. squawking about this or that and Grandma would meet us in the kitchen with our Halloween baggies.

Those are what I remember the most. They were regular brown paper lunch saks, but to me as a kid they held the sustenance of life. She would always have it rolled down twice and there would be grease marks on the outside. It was the same goodies every single year. I looked forward to Grandma’s treat bags knowing that some of my favorites would be in there.

There was 2 cupcakes with orange frosting and some type of Halloween decoration…a spider ring, witch stick, or some type of poker that my brothers and I would later get in trouble with as we poked each other with the pointy end. A handful of each: Mary Janes, Bit o’ Honey, and Halloween foil wrapped chocolate candies.

Still, to this day, I love me some Bit O’Honey. Every time I see those little candies, I’m reminded of my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Halloween and those grease marked brown lunch bags. I remember thinking how much Grandma must love us to make us such treat bags and not just buy us some of the same old candy.

So, it makes me wonder what exactly my kids strongest Halloween memory will be. Will it be the weekend that we spend camping with THEIR Grandma and Grandpa and aunts and uncles trick-or-treating at the campground, like we did this weekend?
Will it be carving their pumpkins that we take so much time in doing to get cool jack-o-lanterns?
Will it be the treat bags that they are given by their Great Aunt and Uncle? Or will they remember their super cool homemade costumes, pieced together with all sorts of items from Goodwill, home and thrift stores? The one thing that I’m sure of…it will be FAMILY that is in those memories. Because all of the Halloween activities include family….mom and dad, Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins. So, I guess it doesn’t matter what is their favorite memory as long as they remember how much they were loved…and how happy we all were to be there and doing it all with them.


Anonymous said...

Your site looks really professional these days. Well done.

grandma b said...

I just love when you remeniss! I love the stories you tell or what if's! I hope they remember the fun w/family!


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