My ADHD Child

Well, one month (just a little more) into the school year and the fights have begun to make them see just how important the little things are with Zachary. That letting us know he's daydreaming a lot is important so we can discuss with the dr. and possibly readjust his meds. How hiding under the desk and refusing to do work is not acceptable and there IS a way to handle it...IF they would just let us know it's happening. I'm feeling as if the last month has been a lie. We've been lead to believe that his days are going well...and nothing out of the ordinary for a 2nd grader has happened until last Wednesday when he pushed his teacher and got kicked out of school for a day and a half. The teacher also stated how "if this were on the street, I'd call the police for assault." Good to know the teacher, aide, school understand bipolar rages.

And so the fight rages on. I know I'll never never be able to quit being an advocate for my child. I just wish sometimes that they wanted to learn how to make it easier for him and be willing to accomodate his special needs....like giving a 5 minute warning and sending home daily behavioral sheets. Both of which are in his IEP. Both of which are being completely ignored by his teacher.

I was going through my files on my hard drive looking for something when I came across this. I read through it again as my eyes filled with tears...it really does sum things up so well.

My A.D.H.D Child
By Tracey Nicolaus

He's bouncing’ off walls, a superball gone insane.
He runs through your world like an off-rail freight train.
Interruptions are constant, tantrums galore,
When it's time to do homework, he's gone out the door.

The drama is constant, oh his foot fell asleep.
He moans and he wails, the theatrics run deep.
School is a nightmare, the teachers are lost.
If they only could see, he is worth the cost.

He is brighter than most, as most these kids are.
And with patience and love, I know he'll go far.
But the crap I must take from "well meaning friends"
"Don't let him do that." "Oh these rules that he bends."

"You're not a good parent." "Your child's really rude."
"His temper's outrageous." "He has hands in his food."
He hears this and wonders, just what's wrong with me?
I tell him "You're special, you have A.D.H.D."

"Now A.D.H.D. is a gift from above."
"It teaches us grown-ups how to strengthen our love."
"It helps teach your teachers, no two kids are the same."
"You have awesome energy that could bring you great fame.'

"You don't need much sleep, you never wear down."
"You're silly and funny, when you act like a clown."
"You've felt lots of pain from what people have said,
But you pray for those people when you go to bed."

"So you try every day to make a fresh start."
"For God gifted you with an extra big heart."
As I look at my child, he sees through my soul.
My heart feels like bursting, as I realize my goal.

I know this young boy like no one else could,
He's a blessing to me, he's strong and he's good.
So I’ll love him and guide him through the worst of the worst
And he'll make a great man (if I don’t kill him first).

I'm kidding of course 'cause I know what's to be
When I look in his eyes, I see a reflection of me.


grandma B said...

Z is a wonderful child. I just pray that society will understand him, but they won't. I pray that he is accepted by his peers, but ?.
I wish & pray the brains of this world could fix it, because he is suffering and so is his family! We can all wish & pray!

Marie said...

I too am a mother of a yet undiagnosed ad/hd child. I see my child in this blog. I must just tell you that unfortunately society will not understand him, but I am making it my mission to teach him to understand himself. This might help in the future?

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh my. That poem was so telling. There must be so much drama in the life of a parent of an ADHD child! Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.


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