Fried Green Tomatoes & Hump Day Help!

So today is Hump Day. I love hump day. Hump is just a super fun word to say. And it reminds me of one of my favorite things in the world.

I always start off my Pure Romance parties by introducing myself and letting them know that I started with Pure Romance to have fun and to talk about my favorite thing in the world which is sex. One of my rules for the evening is for them to have fun as well….and not just here for the evening, but also my goal is for them to learn something new, exciting and interesting and buy something to take home and have fun there too!

So hump day is the perfect day to talk about sex. Now, what exactly does sex have to do with Fried Green Tomatoes? Nothing, necessarily with the food…but actually a lot to do with the movie. There is an underlying tone in the movie that has to do with Evelyn (played by Kathy Bates) trying to spice up her relationship and romance before realizing that she has to be happy with herself and know herself before she can truly be happy in her relationship. (At least that’s the gist I get from the movie…and since this is my blog…that’s what matters.)

I was watching Fried Green Tomatoes last night, enjoying the scene where she goes to the “Relationship Seminar” with her good friend and the facilitator tells them that they are going to learn how to put the spark and the romance back into their marriage. Evelyn sits there for the entire class and visualizes herself making a dress out of clear plastic wrap and meeting her husband at the door in just that and nothing else.

Evelyn was on the right track in my book! What man wouldn’t want to see their wife in something scanty and kinda see through that they can rip off and have no worries about how much it cost? One of the new products that Pure Romance just came out with is called “Tie Me Up” tape…yes, I know it sounds kinky and if you’re into that kind of thing, this is definitely for you! However, it’s got multiple purposes!!! Imagine using this tape that sticks to itself to make a dress or bra and panties or anything that your mind can imagine to dress up in? Maybe a little choker collar and wristlets? Meet your husband at the door or be laying out on the bed for him after he gets out of the shower after a long hard day of work….again, $12 worth of fun that he can rip off of you in an animalistic nature when the time is right and not worry about the cost of the clothing ;) Win-win situation!

Later on in the movie she goes to another seminar where they all lay around and look at their own vaginas in a mirror. While I wouldn’t actually advocate doing this in a crowded room with your friends…I could say there may be some merit in doing this. I always advocate that women must know their own bodies and know how to really work their bodies so they can tell their spouses how to make that sometimes elusive O happen…or maybe just more explosive!! There is a fantastic book out there called “Tickle your Fancy” and it details all the female erogenous zones and not just where they are at but how to best make them work for you!! Again, while I don’t necessarily think that reading this book and trying out the positions with 15 of your best friends in the room is really the way you should go (but if you want to, then by all means!) maybe reading the book and trying them out with your husband or significant other may very well make you start singing it’s praises as well!

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