To new beginnings

So I have committed to blogging every day during the month of June through the use of NaBloPoMo (you know....National Blog Posting Month!) Anyone who has been reading my blog from the beginning may remember that I did this for a couple of Novembers and actually accomplished it once...it seems so long ago now. Well before the addition of the third child, school for 2 children, after-school activities and sports, my Pure Romance business and all the added chaos that comes with all of those things. However, I'm really wanting to get back into blogging to be able to look back on the funny things my kids have done or said, remind myself that I'm married to a wonderful guy (for those maybe not-so-wonderful days) and maybe help some readers with sex tips and relationship ideas that occassionally spew forth. Oh, and maybe through my blogging someone, somewhere may feel not quite so alone in the battle against IEP's, schools, children with bipolar and ADHD and the constant fights that ensue with everyone regarding all of it.

NaBloPoMo may just be the kick in the ass that I need to get that motivation up again.

It's funny that I opened my email this morning to the email stating that this month's NaBloPoMo's theme is NOW after this weekend when blogging was on my mind several times. There was so many opportunities for me to say..."I so need to write that down because I know I'll forget it in a few months let alone a few years!" And some of the things that my kids are coming out with lately are definitely things that need to be brought up at their high school graduation open house....or at least used as black mail to get my way for a change when they are older.

So, as I get ready to go to bed (I was up early this morning!) I'll end it with one such saying.

Last night, we went to dinner as it was raining, we'd worked on the house for the better part of the day and was just plain pooped out. As we're sitting at the table, Elizabeth looked across the table and said out of the blue "I like you Zachary!" <3>

I told her that was very nice of her to say!

She then quickly followed up that statement with "I'm gonna bonk you on the head and put you in a hole."
Um, yea. I'm blaming Spongebob for that one ;)
Until tomorrow...Keep on buzzing!


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