IEP, EI, BP, Oh My!

Today was the last IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting with Zachary’s “team” for the school year. (Zachary is classified as EI, emotionally impaired, for his ADHD and bipolar)

I’m relieved that this year is OVER. It has been an absolutely HORRIBLE year.

Let’s recap just a bit: He was kicked out of school numerous times for throwing his desk over, pushing his teacher, and finally pushing over a bookcase.

That was the last straw for us and we had him moved permanently in May-full day to the special ed classroom where he stayed with his full time aide and had one on one instruction with her based on what his teacher was teaching in the classroom (since he’s actually at/above grade level in all subjects).

While he still was obstinate and refusing to do work, at least he was no longer a physical threat and didn’t even try to be a physical threat.

Why? My perception (and as my husband always reminds me perception defines reality) is that he was in a constant power struggle with his teacher and his first aide. There was no trust there from Zachary…he didn’t feel that they were on his side.

And its no wonder. His first aide was down right confrontational with him and us. Told me that she doesn’t argue with him…right after she told me that she ripped the pencil from his hand (after repeatedly being told that showing a sign of aggression like this will only escalate the situation) and when he balked at it and said “hey you can’t do that!” she said “I can, I will, and I just did.” Um, yea. Way to get into a pissing match with a 7 year old.

His teacher yesterday said that she would sneak up behind him and when he was least expecting it, rip the pencil from his hand.

Does anyone see a pattern?

Seriously, I understand that my child is difficult. TRUST ME, I understand this I’ve lived with him for 8 years now, but really?

I’m so glad that the special ed department is finally, fully involved. They’ve called out the teacher and the aide for not following the behavioral plan (BP) set forth. I wanted to cry for joy. Finally!!

And today, I got to meet his 3rd grade teacher…and right off the bat, she had an AWESOME idea!!! I wanted to jump for joy. An idea! All her own that made perfect sense and would truly help! She’s a younger teacher (no offense to the older teachers) but I’m really hoping that this means that maybe she’ll be a little more open and accepting to trying new things, doing things maybe not in the “norm” and not telling us every step of the way that “it’s not feasible in her classroom.”

So as it stands now, Zachary will go to his 3rd grade classroom for announcements and Pledge of Allegiance, then go to the resource room with his aide for English/Language Arts and Math…both of which he’s very proficient at but which they open the room up during and make it into one HUGE room with the other 3rd grade class….and 50 kids in one classroom? Wow. Way too overstimulating. Then he’ll go back to 3rd grade for lunch and the afternoon subjects of science and social studies.

I’m hopeful for next year.

But then again I always am.

A quick funny before I sign off…

Zachary was reading a Hardy Boys book to me tonight before bedtime. They were talking about finding a scalp. I asked Zachary if he knew what a scalp was. He responded: “Yep! It’s the head from here (indicated the mid forehead) back with the hair. But I wonder how they get it off….do they use a potato peeler or a knife?”

I chuckled. He said “What? I’m serious!”

Until tomorrow-Keep on Buzzing!



Fox Family said...

Yay for awesome teachers. I loved his "Hey I'm serious" comment. Too cute!

MLA said...

I'm glad you found a good teacher! Next year will be awesome. I am thinking of going back to school for my special ed endorsement(s), but the one thing that scares me is having to wade through all the bureaucracy and IEP paperwork. Good on you for being a parent who pushes through the bullshit and seeks what's right for your kid.

Danette said...

I'm with you...always hopeful for the new year! Enjoy your summer and your positive thoughts; I hope they become a reality.

grandma b said...

I know teachers are sometime overwhelmed with all they have to do, but all they have to do is take time.. yes time to get to know Zachary. He is a great kid, if you don't want him to do something or to do something, just ask him. It works for me, but you know, I am just Grandma! Explain why & how come. If he gets angry about something, just change the subject & go in a different direction. Good luck next year! I hope it does get better!


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