17 week Dr. Appt

On Monday, I saw Sameerah again. I actually don't see a obstetrician, I see a midwife.


Seriously, she's wonderful. She's had 5 children of her own and is just a good hearted, down to earth woman.

But she made me laugh on Monday. After asking how I was feeling, and me explaining that I still feel like shit most days between the fatigue and the nausea...she asked what time I went to bed.

I explained that I normally go to bed about 2 and get up about 7 with the boys and to take Chuck to work (the van has been broken, so we were down to one vehicle). Sameerah exclaimed "2 in the MORNING?" Yep. "NO, that won't do. You need to be in bed by 11 pm. You aren't getting enough sleep." Weeellll, that's when I had to explain that I work until 1 am. I'm lucky if I'm sleeping by 2...it's usually closer to 2:30 am.

So, apparently, my body is run down and that's why I'm still having bouts of nausea and dry heaves. Wonderful.

I also gained 5 lbs. Boo for me. That seemed like a lot for one month but they weren't concerned at all, stating that they expect women to gain 5-10 lbs by 20 weeks. Considering I'm still a net LOSS of 8 lbs, I guess I'm doing ok.

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. It never gets old. 140's to 150's. Lucas thinks its pretty cool too.

Our "big" ultrasound is scheduled for January 3rd. I guess I gotta figure out if I want to know between now and then :)


Hannah said...

I had a midwife too, and I think they are great!! Yours sounds lovely. I don't know HOW you survive on 5 hours sleep each night, and with 2 boys to look after as well as being pregnant and working ... OMG!! You're a legend!! I hope you are able to rest a bit more though, whenEVER possible.

Christi said...

Yes, I had a midwife too. She had 4 kids and was just a lovely woman. I really miss her :( We kept in touch often after each daughter was born but it always peeters out. And last I knew she was quitting because of politics. Yes, Lisa, you must rest. Is there anyway you can fit more in?? I know that is hard enough. I really struggled with finding sleep when I was pregnant with #2. And I was constantly tired even if I managed to get 8-9 hours sleep lol.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh it's coming along.. almost halfway already! (well already to me.. bet it's been forever for you). Is there any way you can get an afternoon nap in? I sure hope so.

take care of you!


Angella said...

How do you survive on so little sleep???

Glad you had a good appointment though :)


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