Chocolate is Lucas' crack.

I wish I were kidding.

Hide your candy if you ever come to my house.

Well, I should say "Hide your expensive, imported truffles with creamy hazelnuts centers" because that seems to be his crack of choice right now.

He obviously gets this from his father...as when I get truffles, or most any chocolate for that matter, I bring them home to Chuck...who promptly eats it. Again, as long as it's imported.

I can't tell you how many times "those Hersey hacks" has been heard in my home. I think Lucas has picked up on his father's disdain for normal, everyday American chocolate.

For Christmas, from my boss, I received a VERY large container with Italian hazelnut truffles. Apparently, they are very good...I have yet to try one. Lucas has had several and I'm pretty sure Chuck has gotten into them a couple of times. Chuck even told me to "Keep Lucas out of his truffles". Um, yea, sure. That's gonna happen.

Just this morning, Lucas came to me in the office with his mouth obviously full of something, begging me for a kiss and hug. I give them to him and ask what's in his mouth.

"Nothing" (as chocolatey spittle drips from the corner of his mouth).

By the time I got up from the chair and walked into the living room he was already unwrapping another one.

Well, good news is: imported chocolate only comes around once in a great while. Enjoy it while you can, boys.

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Angella said...

Can't blame him for the love of chocolate :)


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