Aw, my boys

This morning I was showering and I asked Zachary to make himself and his brother some frozen waffles for breakfast.

I have no qualms whatsoever about him getting out the toaster, plugging it in, and cooking the waffles.

This morning, however, I smelled something burning when I got out of the shower. I wrap a towel around myself and ask what's going on.

Zachary's answer?

"I'm cooking"

me: WHAT are you cooking?

Z: well, we toasted some marshmallows.

me: WHAT?

Z: We toasted some marshmallows. But it wasn't hot enough over top of the toaster so we dropped them in.

I check. Sure enough there are MINI marshmallows now blackened charcoal bits in my toaster. One of them is flaming.

So, lessons learned? 1) Marshmallows don't toast in the toaster.
2) Don't leave the mini marshmallows within boys' reach. 3) My kids are smart as hell.

The boys have also decided on a name for the new baby.

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

Baby Jesus.

Yep. They think Baby Jesus (with the middle name Christ, of course) is the perfect name for our baby if it's a boy.

Chuck said it will go along great with the explitives we sometimes exclaim about the two boys currently :)

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Hannah said...

LOL! I had to laugh about the baby name. Do you think they are just getting into the festive spirit?

I have never thought of letting Ethan use the toaster. I'm quite sure he COULD use it, but the thought never occurred to me. Hmm, I wonder if I can get the boys to make their own breakfast tomorrow? ... :-)


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