20 week appt and ULTRASOUND!

Well, I'm 20 weeks now. Almost 21 according to my ticker!

I went back to the dr. today and had my ultrasound. Before I go into those results, let me just talk about the beforehand prep.

Who the hell's idea was it to take a woman who is pregnant with her THIRD child and already has incontinence problems and have her drink 32 oz of water and then hold it? Hmm? Because that person should be shot.

NO kidding. I actually put a freaking pad on so that I wouldn't pee myself if I accidently coughed, sneezed or laughed hard. Because, hell, even on a good day I can do that. Let alone the times I have my bladder full to the point of wanting to throw up because of it.

My husband thought this whole ordeal was miraclously funny. He would have thought it was really funny had I pee'd all over him, because honest to God there was a flood when I finally did go. And then 15 minutes later when I had to go again.

Cruel and unusual punishment was outlawed in our country a long time ago. I wonder if anyone ever told the ultrasound technicians that.

Okay, that off my chest I can get on to the results. The baby is growing perfectly on target. I was measuring at a due date of May 19. Wow. Very close to my original estimate of an actual due date of May 20. I guess I know when I had sex afterall ;) It's a little surreal to me though to have a baby actually of normal size. My boys were so big (9 1/2 lbs, 23 inches and 8 1/2 lbs, 22 1/2 inches) that a baby measuring normal is a little unusual.

The technician couldn't clearly see the brain or all of the body organs. Apparently, this isn't all that uncommon and nothing for reason of concern. My midwife put it very gently that ultrasound travels best through water and not so great through "soft tissue". Read that "fat". I know...I'm not in denial. So we'll have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to make sure everything is okay.

I got a couple of really cute ultrasound pictures...one of the bottom of the little foot. Awe, I just love baby feet!!!

Oh, yea, and did I forget to mention that we are having A GIRL???? I'm freaking ecstatic and somewhat still in shock even though I was pretty sure I was having a girl. I had a hard time enjoying the ultrasound and the moment because of the fact I had to pee so bad, and the boys were not behaving really well. But I started to get teary eyed. When I went in to go pee, I think more than just that was released. I started to cry. I dryed my eyes and went back in the room to be shown to another room to meet with my midwife. I was bawling by that time. Did I mention I'm emotional? I am on a regular basis. Get me pregnant a third time and it's even worse! The nurse asked me "Are you crying because you're happy???" I nodded. I'm having a girl. How can that not make you happy?


Angella said...

A GIRL!!!!!!

SO EXCITED for you!!! Not that they're any better than boys, but it's just DIFFERENT!!!


Hannah said...

A girl!! That is so awesome Lisa!! I'm really really really thrilled for you. I bet you can't wait to buy pink stuff!!

Oh, and I hear you on the bladder thing. Yessiree.

Charles D. Leibrand said...

That would not have been the first time you pissed on me. Your bladder is a weapon and should be registered with the state.

noname said...

So exciting! Congratulations!!

Yeah, I had a lot of ultrasounds with my last baby. Not fun at all!

Christi said...

YAY!!! A GIRL!!!

Congrats, Lisa!!! How exciting! Yay for you and DH ;) Bring on the pink!!

I hear ya about the 'soft tissue' business lol. Whatever *rolls eyes*.kas

The other me said...

I had 2 boys and then a girl ( and then 3 more boys!!) Sophie wore nothing but pink until she was 3 I swea it! I love having my one girl. Congratulations!!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh you're gonna love having a girl!!! Congratulations!


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