I love my husband.

I know, I know, I've done these posts. I've written them on Valentine's Day and our anniversary but this one is just because.

Just because I think he's wonderful.

Why? Because he's freakishly smart and resourceful. Just when I'm ready to discount something, he's there ready to take charge and make it work.

I'm talking about our current van. I love the van, I really do. It sits up high off the ground and has ran like a champ despite the fact it's 14 years old. Looks pretty good too (if you can overlook the slightly crunche in driver side corner that I did last fall).

But our van had problems this winter. First, I thought it was just an oil change, then the feul filter, then we took it to the mechanic for stalling problems and he said it was the air filter (nope), and the ignition module. Fixed for less than expected. Sweet!

Then it quit. Dead. So we have it towed and the tell us $370. I wanted to cry. I was so tired of getting up at 6:30 am to take Chuck to work so I could have a vehicle. Chuck told the guy to shove it. So over the next few days, he and I researched the possible problems and then Chuck went to the auto store and bought the parts, read how to change them and did it! For a grand total of $38!!! How freaking great is that?

Sometimes I underestimate him. Well, maybe a lot. But he has proven himself yet again to be able to do the undoable.

I think one of the things that endears me to him even furthur is how he took Zachary along for the ride. Chuck is so amazing with the boys, and takes them under his wing. Zachary went to the store and then "helped" Daddy fix the van. Zachary was soo proud of himself and Chuck that day helped boost Zachary's self-esteem like you couldn't do just by saying "good job". For that too, I love him.


Hannah said...

What a great guy, Lisa! You're very lucky :-)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Awww that ROCKS! WTG Dad!!!!


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