Hospital again...

This time for me.

On Friday night I started having some cramping and back cramping. I was having some pelvic/abdominal pain, intermixed with this cramping. I got home from work and laid down thinking that would help and it still was happening. There were times it was so strong, the cramps would literally take my breath away.

Well, 24 hours later it was still happening. I was getting a little worried. So I placed a call to Sameerah and she said to go get check at the birthing center. So, we make some phone calls...find someone to watch the boys for a couple of hours, and head off to the hospital. Sameerah mentioned bladder or kidney infection so we wanted to get checked out.

Turns out (after 3 hours in there) that I was dehydrated. So they sent me home with implicit instructions to drink AT LEAST 8-8 oz glasses of water. That's what I'm working on. Dr. Maynard (who is incredibly cute) also said to use some hot packs for the cramping and pain and it's worked wonders!

So, today I'm feeling better. I just feel exhausted. I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have to do AND the fact the van is broken AGAIN. I'm starting to wonder if karma isn't punishing me for something. I just want two running vehicles again so I dont' have to get up at 6:30 to take Chuck to work. Good bye t.v. money :(


Hannah said...

Oh Lisa, that's a bit scary! I'm glad you are okay though. Keep drinking that water - your body obviously needs it all.

Christi said...

DRINK DRINK DRINK, Lisa! Fill a pitcher with what you need for the day and drink from there. Before you know it you will have what you need. OH, you will also be peeing like theres no tomorrow lol.

Lisa said...

LOL! Maybe that's why I don't like drinking water! I already pee enough to float a boat in!


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