Staples are out!

And Lucas couldn't be happier! He was so proud he wanted to show and tell everyone he was a brave boy and got his staples out!

A little background:

Rewind to Christmas Day evening. Lucas, Zachary, my two nephews and my oldest brother were wrestling and playing and goofing around. It was 9:00 pm. They are all in their jammies. Lucas was wearing his brand new Buzz Lightyear jammies and was so happy to be in them (big surprise!) Chuck had already loaded up the car and it was sitting in my brother's driveway warming up. We're standing at the dining room table, talking to my mom and watching all the boys (the big boys included) wrestle and play and enjoy Christmas as a family. It's always heartwarming to me to see the big boys play too. Anyway, somehow Lucas fell and hit his head on a bookcase. Typically not a big deal.

But he was screaching like I've never heard before and rubbing his head furiously. That's when we noticed the blood. Now, Chuck and I are not stupid people and we definitely don't tend to overreact when something happens to one of the kids, so we're like Okay, let's get some of the bleeding stopped and see what we're dealing with. It was gashed open about an inch or so long and it looked pretty deep. The wound was gaping open. By the time we were able to see anything, Lucas was already done crying. He's such a trooper!

By this time, we're in the kitchen, getting ice. I go into the living room to explain to Zachary that Lucas got hurt and we need to take him to the hospital and he'll be spending the night with Uncle Dan, Uncle Spike, Grandma and Grandpa (which, trust me, didn't hurt his feelings AT ALL!) Go back into the kitchen and Chuck and Uncle Dan are wrapping Lucas' head with an ACE bandage in order to hold the ice in place. I'll have to post pictures because it really was hilarious. Here this kid is: his shoulder covered in blood, eyes a little red from crying with a HUGE bandage wrapped around his head with a lump where the ice was.

So, off to the hospital we go. Me sitting in the back because there was also concern about him having a concussion, and to help settle poor little Lucas.

We only had to wait minutes before being seen to get checked in and then quickly whisked away to the backroom. Lucas was such a trooper!! He was so good and sat on the bed and played with his new Buzz Lightyear toy (Thank God for whoever made Buzz Lightyear). The dr. wanted us to use a cotton ball full of anesthetic to try to get the wound numbed before using the staple gun (which btw, didn't work very well) so we sat putting this cotton ball on his head for 40 minutes. Again, Lucas was just a trooper!

Then came the not so fun part. The actual staples. Chuck held down his body and I held his head still. That was absolutely the worst thing ever. Holding your child down while he's sobbing, his face beet red, crying out "momma!" I felt so horrible...but I also knew it was for the best. 3 staples later and he was done. The minute the last staple was in, Lucas pretty much quit crying. Tough little boy, he is!

So, we left about 2 hours and 5 minutes after we arrived to the hospital with simple instructions: Don't let him take a bath or soak his head. Okay...can do.

Fast forward to today:
We go into the hospital and I tell Lucas that this is the place where mommy will have the baby in the a few months. "Really?" he asks.

They call us back and just put us in the hallway bed...we won't be there long.

Lucas asks "I get my staples out NOW?!"
Me: "Yup!"
Lucas: "No, you have baby first!"
Me: "Um, no, mommy's not going to have the baby for a few more months bubba!"
Lucas: "I get my staples out of my head first then!"
Me: "Yup...now you have to sit up here and be a good boy"
Lucas: "Cuz, I don't want to fall in the ospitle and get more staples in my head"
Me: "Nope. We don't want to do that!"

He was so cute and being so grown up. He whinged about the second one being pulled and jumped a little bit, but otherwise did such a good job being a big boy today! I'm so proud of him!


Angella said...

Good job, buddy! And Mommy too :)

Hannah said...

What a brave little guy!!! Wow, I'm impressed at how well he handled that - and you did great as well, I would have found that really tough! Glad he's got the staples out now :-)

Christi said...

Wow, I too am impressed with how you handled things, Lisa. I'm such a wimp. Lauryn slid out of her highchair and bumped her lip and there was blood. I didn't want to look. Seeing my girls' bleed really pains me. I don't think I could have handled holding him down.


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