complete randomness

* Tomorrow is Zachary's dr appt with the psychiatrist. I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm hopeful too that maybe school will start going a bit better.

* School ISN'T going well for Zachary at all. He's being removed several times a morning from class, getting notes sent home daily. We're trying to limit his red dye and seen some decrease in his hyperactivity....or should I say we see an increase when he DOES get it.

* I think maybe I have problems with depression associated with my period. I just spent the last week not wanting to get out of bed at all. Not wanting to go to work, ever. Not wanting to talk to anyone or be active on my boards at all.

* I still don't want to go to work though. I hate it here. Luke doesn't help things at all when he cries because he wants me to eat dinner with them.

* I have a job. I'm happy about that because of our personal finances (Zachary's dr appts are being paid out of pocket). It looked like, for a while there, I may be layed off. Yea, the government was going to have a shutdown of all government services. Gotta love Michigan.

* I need to see a chiropractor. My hips are so badly off and I can barely walk in the mornings. Plus now my neck is killing me.

* Went camping this weekend with my parents, nephews and aunts and uncles. It was so much fun! But 90 degrees in October is a little crazy! We went swimming 2 days in a row! The boys were dying inside their costumes...and I didn't dare put E in her costume because it was meant for chilly weather being plush.

* I'm addicted to cloth diapers. There I've said it. I seriously want to try the minky diapers but can't see spending $25 for one. Maybe I'll talk my in-laws into buying some for E for Christmas.

* I need to lose weight. :( This is a NEED at this point. I got a lecture from my midwife a week or so ago. I gained 20 lbs since I had E....after losing 30. This just freaking sucks. I always seem to lose weight during my pregnancies and gain it all back afterwards. Why the hell am I backwards from everyone else? I really wonder sometimes if I don't have a hormonal imbalance or something.

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XOXOXO said...

{HUG} I can refer you to a kickass DO that does adjustments during office visits - that way your insurance covers it!



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