Happy Halloween!

There are some things in life that are just so much fun.

Having kids at Halloween has to be one of them.

I'm so excited for tonight's trick-or-treating. I may be more excited than the boys. Although, maybe not.

I worked the late shift last night until 3 am (why I'm still up and not napping is a question for Elizabeth) and when I got home there were children in my bed along with Chuck. Not an unusual occurance at all. We co-sleep and always have so no biggie.

Last night was different though. One of those boys was AWAKE. I'm not talking groggy..."I just woke up and came into bed with Daddy" awake. I'm talking full-blown "I'm being a chatterbox" awake.

I finally got him to come into his bed with me to lay down and he was chattering up a storm about how TODAY was Halloween.

"when's it going to be daylight, momma?"
"when are we going trick-or-treating?"
"I get to wear my Spiderman costume today!"
"Did you know today is Halloween?"

I finally convinced him it was time to sleep and cuddle and we still had HOURS of sleep left before daylight (if only it were more).

When we got up for school we got to put the webslinger costume on and all was right in the world. Sometimes I just look at my kids and think "I'm the luckiest person alive". I had that moment with Luke this morning while he was getting out of the car at preschool. He jumped out and made his web slinging fingers and took the traditional spiderman stance and it was priceless. I had that moment with Elizabeth a few moments ago, just sitting her playing and laughing together. It's like I see them all every day but am so busy in the day to day workings of running a house and a family, that I don't SEE them. And when I do it's like giving birth all over again. It's truly amazing.

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