I can see clearly now...

I'm in a great mood today. Well, actually just tonight. Actually just within the last hour. I've had a migraine all day today BUT the news that I'm getting longevity pay in my November 1 paycheck helped me immensely!! I wish we had a great sitter to watch all 3 kids for the whole weekend because I'd love to go on a weekend away for our anniversary. Ah, some day that'll happen.

Anyway, Zachary is still doing wonderfully. He was excited because he had three whole days without his name being on the board and without having to be removed from the classroom. Yipee!! Today he was very whiney and emotional though. That's not too typical of him so we'll watch how that progresses. I am trying to keep notes in my calendar as to what we are seeing and such so we can discuss it with the dr. in 2 weeks. I told my mom yesterday that everything we've tried to teach Zachary over the last 5 years is gelling now. Everything. He remembers his manners, he doesn't hit, he waits his turn, he does things when asked. For the last 5 years, he's been listening and trying but couldn't. And now he can.

Lucas is doing awesome. He had a GREAT day at school today, per his preschool teacher. They just love him there. And how can you not? He's so charismatic and loveable and cute. You just want to pick him up and gobble him up. But, I think Luke is having some "middle child" syndrome lately. He's been acting out a little bit more, begging me to stay home for dinner with him, and wants to do everything his brother does. I think he's feeling a little left out. Maybe I'll try to go out this weekend just him and I and do something special.

E started eating solids this weekend. And, lo and behold, I actually made the baby food myself!! It's way easier than I ever thought it would be too...I should have done it with the boys. It's weird for me that now I have 3 kids I'm doing things that I didn't think I'd have TIME for with just 1 or 2. Anyway, she had squash and loved it. I think we'll try sweet potato tomorrow or Wednesday. For now, I'll leave you with some pics!


Angella said...

Great news! And your kidlets are growing so fast!!!

E is such a big girl already :)

XOXOXO said...

When you are ready, you can count on me!! I love playing with your boys and I am sure E would fit right in to my crazy zoo!!


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