Elizabeth is 8 months old!!

Dear Elizabeth,

Can you believe it? Today you are 8 months old!! There has been SO many things that you have conquered and accomplished in just the last month alone. As I was eating your tummy today, and you were giggling uncontrollably, and I was giggling with you, I had to stop and relish in the fact that that was new as well. The giggles have just started in the last month. Sure, you have been smiling and making happy noises for a while now. But this was full on giggling laughter. And it's contagious. And adorable.

You have gained 2 teeth! The 2nd one just popped through yesterday and we were all overjoyed! Hopefully, this means you'll start sleeping again at night. At least until the next ones start to pop through. Lo and behold, we are still breastfeeding too. I was worried about when you got teeth, but so far that hasn't been an issue. So I'll enjoy it while I can.

You started crawling. Full on crawling about a week before Christmas but even a couple weeks before that you had the hand/knees thing down and was scooting backwards.
Then, I swear as soon as you started crawling, you said "Heck with that!" and started pulling yourself up. Onto everything. Nothing is sacred anymore. The boys have been getting more than a little frustrated of you stealing their things, but surprisingly have been very good natured and gentle about getting them back.

And then, just today, as I was snapping this picture (which, btw, you were a total ham for!) you waved. I melted. You stood there with one hand on the table and one hand just waving away at me. I don't think daddy believed me. But you did it, a little anyways, when he got home from work to prove me right. Plus, Zachary saw it and thought it was pretty cool, too!

Last Friday, we went to the dr's for a flu shot and I asked them to weigh you. There has been some concern over your weight, off and on, since you were born. I guess that's what happens when you are so petite. You are weighing in, at 8 months, at 15 lbs, 5 oz. And that's absolutely perfect in my book. Especially since you also started to feed yourself this month. And you eat anything and everything. You seem to love food, just like your big brother Lucas. I've introduced you to all kinds of things...mango, avocado, tortellini, chicken, and you seem to like it all and eat abashedly. You are so good with your fingers too....although a lot still drops to the dogs. They haven't eaten so good in a long time!

You are one special little girl. I know it won't be much sooner and you'll be standing all on your own and then walking, running, climbing, jumping. I am excited to see the smile on your face as you reach those accomplishments too.

I love you, baby doll.


Hannah said...

She is sooooooooo cute, Lisa!! Man, I can't believe she is only 8 months old! She looks like she is about 2, with all that long gorgeous hair, and standing up already!

Hey, don't let teeth stop you from breastfeeding even if she does bite you. Tyler and Ethan both got teeth at 3 1/2 months so I have some good strategies for stopping the biting and carrying on BF. I fed Ethan for 12 months and Tyler for 15, so biting doesn't have to mean an end to BF!

noname said...

She's just beautiful, Lisa! Her waving...that made me laugh. So cute!

I love the posts you write to your kids. They're so fortunate to have you!

Allison said...

I can't believe she's getting so big (and gorgeous). It seems like just yesterday.....

Peace said...

Lisa, she is so gorgeous!! Can you believe the babies are already 8 months old. I still can't get over her hair.


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