Snow Day...and I survived!

I've been MIA. I was extremely sick Sun and Monday of this week. I was so sick in fact that I actually emailed Chuck and asked him to please come home and watch the kids. I've never done that. Not even when I was preggo with either of the younger two. So I think he knew I was serious. I then slept for all but 6 hours on Monday. I feel better now.

But what about for the last 3 weeks almost? Hmmm, winter blahs have kicked in a bit. But I've also been busy with selling off all my old, too small cloth diapers on diaperswappers and making some money to buy more diapers. (side note: OMG! I got the absolute yummiest pink dots on chocolate minkee dipe! It's so soft and squishy and cute! I was taking pics today of E in it to show to my other cloth diaper lovers when Zachary asked "are you taking pictures of her butt?" yes, son, to commerate her yummiest diaper yet. Okay, so I'm a little crazy about it. But if you cd'd you would be too!) So I bought 4 more diapers, traded 2, bought 2 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes (one which Frodo destroyed already! Damn black dog!), cloth wipes and a new pair of supersoft babylegs all for what I sold my smalls for. So, I was busy packing and getting fluffy mail. Chuck was impressed with my skills at bargaining and also for not having to pay out of pocket for my addiction.

Did I say cloth wipes? Yes, I did. I have started using cloth wipes for Elizabeth as of today. Whereas 10 months ago, I said "no way Jose" I'm now a convert, at least for at home. I like them a lot as they really clean up the bum better than disposable ones and are so much healthier for her and for the environment. Bonus! I'm not willing to go family cloth yet though.

Today was a snow day for Zachary as the weather was horrible. I also let Lucas stay home today so we could all chill and have an easy, relaxed warm day, inside. Surprisingly enough I survived. The boys played their leapsters, we painted, we watched a movie and had ham and cheese toasties but by about 3 pm they were a little, lets say, acting like caged monkies. We've been trying to decide about summer plans and whether to keep Luke in the preschool setting since Zachary is going to be home anyways...I've been worried maybe I wouldn't be able to handle it with the little amount of sleep that I usually get. But maybe we'll be able to save some money, have some fun and still get some sleep.

So I leave you with my adorable kids. I was in a picture happy mood.

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noname said...

Just read about the family cloth. Neat idea but I just can't see us ever doing that. Kinda gave me the heebie jeebies.

Cute pics and what an adorable outfit on E! Glad you're feeling better.


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