So it's that time of year again when us Catholics observe Lent.

40 Days (and as Chuck reminded me 40 nights) of giving up something, or doing something, that is difficult for us in observance of how God suffered for all of us.

When I was in college, I gave up sweets and lost some weight. I tried that since then and have not been real successful. However, I am, once and for all, going to give up my beloved Mt. Dew.

I thought I'd kicked the habit...but it's slowly crept back in over the last week. So, bye-bye Mt. Dew!

I also wanted to do something, and have it be a positive influence on my life at the same time, so I'm going to blog daily for 40 days. We'll see if I can do this :) Stay tuned.


noname said...

Looking forward to the blogging from you. You have such a neat insight to things, even when you may think you can't see them.

I'm too stubborn to give up my pepsi but I'm not Catholic either. (and that's my excuse for keeping a bad habit)

Hannah said...

Good luck, Lisa!

I am not Catholic, but I have always thought Lent is a great concept. How can we not want to sacrifice something when Jesus gave so much for us?

grandma said...

you know my feelings about mt dew! I was watching the biggest looser the other nite & they showed the people how much sugar is in 1 pop! there was more sugar than liquid! I have seen you eat....which isn't much! I know the # prob is alot of that pop! Just think what you say to the kids....why let them put down all the juices, give them the fruit, they can get more nutrition out of it! keep up the good work! I am trying to give up ice cream.....now that will be hard!


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