Do you know what today is?

Friday? Yep and while I'm super excited about that, that's not the most important thing about today.

My little bro's 28th birthday? Yep. But again, nothing that major for me. Except it does make me feel old.

2 days before Matt's party? That's true too. And that helps me not feel so old anymore, since he's still way older than me. Hehehehe

The important happening today is the grudge rematch between the Potterville Wombats (Chuck's loser AFEL team) and the Trojan Horses (my undefeated team. yes, I said it undefeated!) Why is this a grudge match? Because well, we're married and I'm competitive. Because this will be our 3rd match up against each other since preseason and I won the first two. I did just trade away my leading forward but I'm hopeful that my up and coming stars can lead the way.

I'm looking forward to getting the email from the commish (who also happens to be Matt) stating the scores are up. Woo boy. It's gonna be an interesting evening around here!


Charles D. Leibrand said...

I think the Trojans are gonna rupture at the hole! Is that the smell of buning rubber or barbeque horse meat?

Diana said...

So, how did ya do???

Lisa said...

I WON!!!

Was there ever any question? LOL


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