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I don’t know if you know this or not, but it’s COLD here in Michigan. I’ve heard that it’s going to get into the single digits tonight with a wind chill factor of -11 degrees or so. Folks, that’s cold.

And sometimes, when it’s cold, older batteries in your vehicles don’t start. Theresa at Quack This just wrote about this subject today which reminded me of an instance a couple weeks ago that happened here at work.

It was about 5:30 pm and the Director (D) of the bureau came over with another employee (S) whom I know. D asked if there was anyone mechanically inclined because S’s car wouldn’t start and they thought it was probably the battery.

So, I ask if they have jumper cables in either of their vehicles. S stated that she did, in fact, have jumper cables (mine are in the van…I take the jeep to work). I said that I knew how to jump start a car and I’d do it for them, no problem.
This leads me to today’s thought. Neither of these women, one aged maybe 58 and the other about 28, knew how to jumpstart a car. D actually said that is why she pays for AAA and S stated that’s the reason she got married. Now, both may have been being facitious, but I think there may have been some truth into both of those statements. And on top of that, they were stunned to find out that I knew how to do it myself without asking one of the men in our unit to help.

Seriously? Anyone reading my blog…PLEASE teach your daughters (and sons for that matter!) some of the simple things to maintaining their vehicle. Things like:

Driving a stick shift. Yes, I realize that most of today’s vehicles are automatic but you never know when that skill might come in handy.

Changing the oil. Or for God’s sake at least knowing how to check the oil! I was with a friend in college and they didn’t know the difference between the where to check the oil and the windshield washer fluid. That also goes along with knowing where to put coolant into the engine at.

Changing a tire. There is not always going to be a man around to help. Hell, I had a flat tire one time and 2 cop cars went by me without even stopping to ask if they could help, so it’s not like you can rely on them either. Also, another good thing to know is how to check the tire pressure and about what the tire pressure should be at in your tires.

Jump-starting a car. How to hook up the jumper cables and get the car started but also the basics like make sure the car remains running for about 20-30 minutes so that it has a chance to recharge a bit.

Most people have a cell phone and the tow truck or husband or daddy is just a call away. But what if that cell phone battery is dead? Or you're out in the middle of nowhere? It's just good information to know, in my humble opinion.

Next up, the things boys need to know about home economics.


Hannah said...

You are the ultimate cool chick!
Now this is going to be embarassing for me but ... I don't know how to jump start a car!!! I know!!! I can check the oil though. And I can definitely change a tyre. I've had to do that a few times.

I think when Rob gets home I will ask him to show me how to jump start my car. I know it has something to do with the battery and attaching the wires to the right points ... LOL

Amanda said...

You got good points, girl! I dont know how to do any of those lists you mentioned! That s why I have AAA, and yeah I know what if my pager battery dies.. Heck I dont know but hope it wont happen to me! lol

AMK said...

1. I can check the oil, but don't know how to change it.
2. I can change a flat, or inflate a tire (to the correct pressure)
3. I can jump-start a car, but I just learned that this summer at camp
4. I learned how to drive a stick, but haven't done it in about 4 years- so I don't know how useful I would be.

I learned all of these things because I was curious; at 16 I made my dad teach me because I wanted to be that girl on the side of the road who could change a flat if she needed to. The highest high came when I had to show my macho, teenage, pick-up driving guy friend how the jack worked when he had a flat.

noname said...

I didn't know how to drive a stick for a long time. I'd tried and found you can jump a small pick up truck across an intersection, much like a kangaroo would cross it. :P Then one day when Bear was 5 I got a call from school saying he was puking with a high fever. I had no choice but to take my brother in laws car (was parked at our house for awhile), a stick, and go get Bear from school. That was when I finally learned to drive a stick. Didn't jump or even roll back once! Was crazy as I hadn't tried in years.

The other stuff I can do, and more. Agree it's super important to learn these skills whether you're a guy or gal. :)

Oh, and up until yesterday, I really thought the 'your car won't start when it's that cold' bit was more an old wives tale than anything. Learn something new every day. Mike's truck won't but the battery is old.....

Diana said...

Yep - I studied at my Dad's elbow, just like Nessa studies at Johns. She knows she doesn't take the car in the coming years without being responsible enough to take care of herself it it!

I would also like to add Coolant to that list - and brake fluid. Those are important!


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