Orphaned photos

So, I was reading Post Secrets today and they had a montage in there from I Found Your Camera. I found it very intriguing.

I went through the entire montage of photos that they had collected from readers either in camera form, actual photo form or from a memory card/stick watching for someone I might know or recognize. I actually lost an entire roll of film back when I was 20 (yes, roll, I'm from the paleozoic era). I had sent the photos in from when was crowned Genesee County queen and Rite Aid gave me the wrong photos. I took the other person's back and they took all my info with my hopes of getting my pics back to me. That never happened. I cried. I have no pics from that amazing experience and I'm sure there would have been some great pics of Chuck and I on it, considering that was the summer we started dating. (and I got my face tap-danced on by a horse just 2 days before the queen competition). But, alas, there were no photos of me on the montage; nor anyone I knew.

But beyond the initial cause of trying to reunite some friends or acquaintances with their orphaned photos, I really enjoyed the montage for another reason. I think I'm slightly voyeuristic. Actually, I know I'm an exhibitionist in a lot of ways, but I also enjoy and find other's lives so interesting. It was neat to go through those pics and see far off places I may never see and experiences (like Mardi Gras) that I might never experience. I have no idea who these people are...whether they are a complete asshole or a super sweet person...and it doesn't matter. Because they can be whoever you need them to be at that time.

I think that's why I like blogging so much. I can get a glimpse into others lives while I'm giving a glimpse into my own.


Christi said...

I'm the same, Lisa. I find people's lives fascinating! I want to know all the ins and outs of people's lives. If I could be a fly on many walls I would be. I'm interested in people's sex life and sometimes imagine how people are 'together' lol. Ok, maybe that's WAY out there lol. It's just you know how people are one way in public or interacting with you, I wonder how it differs behind closed doors. I'll have to take a look at that site and see if I know anyone lol.

Ashley said...

Hey great post as usual. I've tagged you in a meme (see my latest post) if you've got time. It's a great way for us to get to know you better....at least those of us who are new here

MLA said...

You would really like Found Magazine. It's amazing that something small like a photo or a grocery list can say so much about a person's life...VERY interesting. Loves it.


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