New Readers!!

Last weekend, I went to a party and met several other bloggers. I also met 2 people who stated that they read my blog consistently but never comment. So, score! 2 readers I never knew I had.

I cannot explain in words the delight I feel when learning I not only have a new reader, but, *gasp* a new commenter!! As I also found a new "friend" through Angella whose name is Ashley at Our Family Stone. It's a super cute blog and she's an awesome mommy writer! Ashley recently tagged me to do a "meme" in order to get newer readers to know me a little bit better. Wellll, by all means!

This meme is to do a post about old posts. I have to go through old posts and put a link to different posts I've done that are about the following.

1. A post about my family
2. A post about my friends
3. A post about myself
4. A post about something I love
5. A post about anything I want

Then I have to tag 5 other people, 2 of whom are new acquaintances so that we can get to know each other better.

Hmm, this could be interesting.

1. I would say about 75% of my posts are about my family. So, I've thought about what best defines me and my family. Zachary is my oldest child and here is some of the issues we have with him...that kind of run the family unit sometimes. Lucas is my middle child and he's quite the little boy with a lot of charisma. And he loves chocolate! Elizabeth is my baby girl and our very last child. This is when she turned 2 months old. Should I include my husband in links? Absolutely! (Yes, I know it said ONE but I have 4 people in my family!)

2. I actually have a post named Friends.

3. A post about myself. This one is really pretty recent but I feel it's one of my best written pieces about myself and about my feelings about being a mom. (and my husband's comment is the best!)

4. Something I love-I'm assuming it means something besides my friends and family! I had a hard time finding something for this one (I swear I'm not a wholly negative person!) but here's one.

5. Anything I want. Well, there are a few things I'm kinda passionate about and surprisingly enough they tend to revolve around children. This one is about breastfeeding and my response to Bill Maher's idiotic position on nursing in public.

So, there you are. A spattering of me in 5 (or a few more) posts. Enjoy the reading! Now, to tag others! I'd love to have Diana, MLA, and Theresa (at Quack This) take on this challenge. As for new acquaintances, if you are new to reading my blog and have one of your own, take this challenge and link back to me so I can read it!!!


Hannah said...

Yay for making new blogging friends!!

Your new template is very cool - almost knocked me over when I opened the page, the PINK was so bright! :-) Love it!

MLA said...



And blogging, I guess it's pretty cool too.

noname said...

Cool layout!

Will take me a few to do this, lol. Thanks. :)

Ashley said...

Great post! Nice to meet you in a a more rounded sense. And the new template is awesome!


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