Spring is coming!!

There are finally signs that Spring is coming!

On Friday, the boys and I watched as 2 Chickadees started their nest building in our bird house. It was neat that we could watch this and I explained how even in the bird world, the mommy and daddy birds work together to build a home and protect and care for their babies. Speaking of birds, I saw a beautiful Blue Jay ths morning. Sure, he was hopping around on ice but it was still a Blue Jay. I'm sure we'll be seeing a Robin soon. See, in Michigan, anyway, seeing a Robin is supposedly the first sign of Spring.

It's raining today as well. While I'm not usually that excited for rain at least it's not snow. However, there is still a lot of snow and packed down snow on the ground which means it's icy. The boys and I basically skated all the way to the van this morning.

This weekend it was warm and sunny and just perfect for shoving encouraging the boys to play outside. On Saturday, they ended up playing in the back yard almost all day long, only coming in long enough to eat lunch and take bathroom breaks. When they finally did come in they were soaked to the bone since everything was melting but they were tired and happy. It was a very welcome change to the bitter cold weather we've had and was wonderful to have some quiet time and space in the house.

As I was sitting at the table eating lunch, I saw a shot I just had to get and of course that started a photo shoot of all the kids. As Spring approaches, my camera comes out more and more often.
Elizabeth checking out the sunshine and snow out the kitchen window.
Zachary working on his snow angels.

I turned around to come back into the house and this is the view awaiting me. I think Frodo and Elizabeth are going to grow up being best of friends.

I made a big pot of hot cocoa for everyone after coming in from the cold. Lucas loves his hot cocoa!

So, I'm off to open up some windows. Sure, it's not *that* warm yet but it'll do my heart good to get some fresh air in the house. Enjoy your spring day!


hannah said...

So happy for you that Spring is coming! Does that mean Autumn is coming for us? I hope not! I love Summer :-)

Gorgeous photos, I especially love the one of Elizabeth & Frodo looking out the window!

noname said...

Great pictures! Sweet and full of memories!


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