I'm no Martha Stewart...

But dang I like to create in the kitchen!!

It's Easter time and in my house that means chocolate. (Well, not just chocolate. It also means the Resurrection of Christ but considering this post is about me being in the kitchen I didn't feel that was relevant. Anyhoo....)

Growing up my parents didn't have a lot of money. So, my mom made all our Easter candy. She bought large bags of candy melts and used molds to create some fun looking yummy chocolate treasures for our Easter baskets on Easter morning. Not only did she make molded chocolate, but also birds' nests. (Chocolate melted with coconut and then jelly beans pressed in for eggs. Let cool and harden and voila! Birds nests!)

There are some things I look back fondly on in my childhood. Homemade Easter candy is definitely one of them. And when I got older and realized that the Easter bunny was actually my mom....I started helping make the candy. And eventually when Mom opened her store, I made all the candy for our families.

So, when Zachary was a baby my mom handed the Easter molds down to me. It has now become my family's tradition as well. Chuck never really looks forward to this time because I tend to wait till the last moment and then get bitchy stressed, but I really do enjoy it. I enjoy creating something and being able to give that to my loved ones. And carry on the tradition from my childhood that I loved so much.

Last year was the first year in a long time that our molds weren't put to use. Being pregnant with Elizabeth and being ready to die uncomfortable, Chuck and I both felt it wouldn't be a good year to try to keep up with the tradition. But, no worries, I'm back to it this year!

I already have 3 big bunnies done, some candies, and all my birds nests. Tomorrow I'm running to the store for some peanut butter and mint candy melts to make more little candies and then add some jelly beans to their baskets and the kids are done. With candy anyway. The Easter bunny also brings little trinkets as well.

I've also got a little creative for a couple of my friends' birthdays and created a Strawberry and Chocolate tart. It turned out beautifully and I was so proud of my creation. Not only did it look cool, but it tasted fantastic!! "And that's a good thing."


Hannah said...

I think that's such a cool idea! Making your own Easter candy sounds like fun and I'm sure it's cheaper than buying the ready-made stuff. Also, your kids will grow up with the fond memories that you have of your mother making it for you.

I hope you'll post some pics of all the goodies!!

Ashley said...

I love Martha! You sound like an uber creative person and that's great! I've always wanted to make chocolate but am terrified that I'd destroy it....I melt it to drizzle over my homemade biscotti but often I over heat it and it taste funny and I have to start over - you get the drift.

Anyways, what a great tradition to have and I can't wait to see some photos.

Christi said...

OH, Lisa, I too want to see what you have created! I've just made some chocolate pops and little bunnies for K's teacher and they are so cute. Reckon they would probably look better in white chocolate but I can't be bothered doing any more lol. Such a wonderful tradition you have! It's just wonderful ;)

Diana said...

All I have to say is: My birthday is August 20.

:) No, really, great job! I love traditions and love even more you are passing them on to your kids!!

Great Job, Mama!


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