Blech! I hate being sick!

I'm so sick. Chuck is sick, I'm sick and now all three kids have runny noses and a slight cough. I hate February because this is the month that everyone in my house gets sick every single year. My kids see the dr. for their yearly checkup and then in February. It's like clockwork.

We had a three day weekend this weekend due to president's Day and we were sick. Fortunately the boys weren't so we explained to them that Momma and Daddy weren't feeling all that well and to please be good and they were! They played so amazingly well together. I commented them on it several times....it's important to catch them being good and praise them for that too, right?!

But because of that, I've also slacked on my daily blogging. I've also slacked on setting up my lineup for AFEL in order to kick Chuck's butt this Friday. Plus, everyone is offering me trades and my mind is so befuddled by snot, I can't think straight.

However, on a more positive note we have completed our weekend of seeing my sister-in-law so I'm excited about that. I have also made some major headway on my bedroom. See, this is the room that everything get thrown into when company is coming over. Bad thing is it never ever leaves. So our bedroom is piled high with clothes, toys, and clutter. So, I started working this weekend to take it back. And now, I need to go to Goodwill and drop off 3 garbage bags of stuff and one dresser from the boys' room. I'll be happy to be able to see the couch in there again!

I'm off to wipe up the snot monster that some call my daughter and go to the store to replace the bottles that Frodo chewed up during the night. That dog is going to find himself in a world of hurt if he keeps chewing everything in sight!

I'll leave you with a funny pic of E. She had gotten into one of her brother's markers and done some damage before we noticed she had it.


Hannah said...

So sorry to hear that you're all sick - I hope everybody is feeling better soon.

Cute pic!!

Amanda said...

Love this pix of E !


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